Credit Cards Kill Says One NRA Controlled Politician

Deadly Weapon?

Deadly Weapon?

New Hampshire politics is an odd sort. From first hand experience, the usual definitions of liberal and conservative don’t quite work in the granite state. However, the Tea Party nut-jobs still are as active as ever, spewing their nonsensical rhetoric.

The New Hampshire house voted to ban concealed weapons from the chamber, both for the legislators and the audience; a sensible option by most involved. However, some legislators were less than thrilled with the security measure. One in particular, Dan Dumaine who represents Auburn in the Legislature, took it as an affront, with a rather, shall we say interesting counter-argument as reported by the Concord Monitor:

A holstered gun is not a deadly weapon. . . . But anything can be used as a deadly weapon. A credit card can be used to cut somebody’s throat.

Quite a leap, would you not say? While many people can agree that credit cards can kill, they speak of it metaphorically, talking about the debt and not the card itself. Of course Dan Dumaine is no stranger to controversial comments, of course, having been quoted as saying that any religion other than Christianity was “manmade” and therefore false.

His logic, of course, is that the removal of loaded weapons from the legislature is a slippery slope to the banning of credid cards. That he took this approach informs us that any form of regulation is, to him, unacceptable. The failure to accept that the right of people for life and liberty trumps the right to carry a weapon is unimaginable. Of course, he also claimed that a loaded firearm is not a deadly weapon if it is in its holster. This is quite false, as deaths can and do happen. A loaded weapon, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation should always be treated as a deadly weapon.

The leap from a holstered, loaded weapon to a credit card as a weapon with the potential to kill shows how detached the right-wing zealots have become from reality. It should shame the good people of Auburn that their voice in the state legislature is someone who does not respect them and their positions and instead is a shill for out of state arms manufacturers.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.
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