Vermont Teacher Threatens School, Turns In Bushmaster Rifle Before Being Committed

Guns and ammunition surrendered @  @ The Register Citizen

Guns and ammunition surrendered @ @ The Register Citizen

A Bennington, VT high school teacher was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation after posting some very disturbing videos on YouTube (which have since been taken down, thankfully). Steven Davis had a Bushmaster rifle in his possession and willingly handed it over to police when they came to his home to investigate neighbors’ reports. He also had two high-capacity clips and about 500 rounds of ammunition.

The rantings on YouTube and Facebook were highly critical of Mount Anthony Union High School, where he taught math and science and was well-liked by his students. He criticized the administrators and the union and said that he had “plans for retribution.”

“This is all planned and very well thought out … I’ve studied military tactics and this is the way to go. It’s all going to hit so hard, so fast and shut that school system down til they get things straight.” He ranted in one video.

Neighbors spotted Davis carrying the rifle to his car and called police. The teacher handed his gun over to officers, saying that he had owned it since 2009 and had never fired it, which police confirm. Davis’ wife said she had no idea that he owned the weapon. She has taken the couple’s children and is staying with a relative. She is also seeking a restraining order against her husband.

Davis had sent out emails to fellow teachers and staff that alarmed the recipients. They were, naturally, concerned for student safety, even though Davis had said that he cared about the students and their education. Davis told police, however, that he had military training and had read CIA manuals. Combined with his confessed dislike of some of the staff at the school, it was enough to convince police to have Davis admitted to the hospital for mental evaluation. He was released Saturday but is still on leave from his job at the high school.


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