37 ‘Jackass’ Republicans Opposed Bare-Bones Sandy Aid Bill

Author: January 7, 2013 5:35 pm


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Barely a week after getting chewed up, spit out, and then chewed out a few more times by NJ Governor Chris Christie, John Boehner’s super-obstructionist Congress decided that it was probably best to fork over the necessary $9 billion in Sandy Aid. After all, did they really want their Voice-mails full of lovely rants from Chris “Hurricane Super Fleece” Christie? But there was no way they were going to help out people in need without getting some meaty pork for themselves in return. And, of course , there was certainly going to be any number of cantankerous crap-holes within the GOP who would oppose anything designed to actually do good for people in need.

Although the first Sandy Aid vote only approved the allocation of $9 billion in funds ($60 billion was requested), 67 Republican members of Congress saw it fit to ever-so hypocritically vote against the aid. Surprise, surprise: 37 of the 67 Republican obstructionists had no problem supporting federal disaster funds that benefited their own home states. As if these guys didn’t already need to change their phone numbers, even more blistering censure was in store … this time not from Christie. Former U.S. Senator, Alfonse D’Amato (R-NY) — who passes as an elder statesman these days — jumped into the fray to excoriate his own party via The Daily News.

“They’re a bunch of jackasses. Every one of the 67 who voted no are nothing more than pawns of a philosophy that is not backed up by facts.” 

Here’s a compilation of the 37 big, fat hypocrites, embedded from Think Progress’ article,  37 Congressional Republicans Opposed Sandy Relief After Supporting Disaster Aid For Home States:


The House is scheduled to vote on the remaining $50 billion next week.


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