Delaware ‘Whites Only’ Signs Taken Down Only 48 Hours After Going Viral

Score another victory for social justice by way of social media! Just two days after this picture of a sign in Milford, Delaware went viral:


The offensive signs (there were several throughout the area) have been removed!

It was originally posted to Facebook on Saturday by conservative radio host Dan Gaffney, who, contrary to how other right-wing radio personalities might have reacted, was not amused by the double standard the sign appeared to be advocating. If you’re not already familiar with this story, the sign in Spanish translates in to:

You must have a permit to play on this field. Violators are subject to police action.

Not exactly a subtle sign for Latinos to buzz off.

Shortly after the picture took the internet by storm, Milford School District Superintendent, Dr. Phyllis Kohel found out about it and removed every one of the signs personally.

According to Delaware online:

It’s Kohel’s first year as superintendent and she said she doesn’t know why the signs in Spanish were installed with the messages, which she said were inappropriate.

“I certainly assume there was not an intent to discriminate,” Kohel said.

The only reason she can think of is that someone duplicated the signs that are posted at the districts middle school and high schools. At those locations, where there are sports fields, there are warnings in English and Spanish that use permits are required and that violators are subject to police action.

Like so:


There’s really no way to know until we find out who put up the original sign or if there was an error in the manufacturing of the signs. Until then, we can at least enjoy the small victory against even (possibly) unintended racism.

Here’s the news clip of Dr. Kohel removing the last one:

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