Supreme Court Says The Greedy Can’t Opt Out Of Medicare But Keep Social Security

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Here’s everything you need to know about the GOP opposition to programs like Social Security and Medicare: the rich don’t benefit enough from them so why should they have to pay for them? In other words, why should they have to pay for other people (particularly poor people) to get health insurance or financial security in their old age?

This is a sickness that has spread through far too much of the 1%. Once upon a time, the rich followed a philosophy of noblesse oblige, in which the rich understood that their wealth came with a responsibility to help those less well off, even enrich their lives as opposed to just meet basic standards of living. But those days are long gone, at least among the conservative rich. Now they seek to set themselves apart from the rest of their fellow Americans.

The Supreme Court thinks otherwise, though.

Dick Armey, former Republican Speaker of the House, and two other plaintiffs (both wealthy), have been trying to legally remove themselves from the Medicare system without sacrificing their Social Security benefits. The theory they’re espousing is that Medicare is some kind of socialist plot to control everyone. The reality is that it keeps the elderly from becoming destitute when their health inevitably fails.

After a lower court ruled against Armey, the case went to the Supreme Court where it was turned down without comment. Essentially, the very conservative, arguably right wing extremist, Supreme Court was not interested in disrupting a system that keeps millions of people alive and out of poverty.

Sorry Dick, you’ll have to look for other ways to destroy the social contract America has with its citizens.

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