Think A ‘Trade Your Homosexuality For A Free Chicken Sandwich’ Coupon Won’t Work At Chick-fil-A?

Get your very own coupon!    @ Chick-fil-A Foundation

Get your very own coupon! @ Chick-fil-A Foundation

Remember back in July of 2012, when Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathystarted a firestorm after coming out (pun intended) in various media sources, declaring himself “guilty as charged” in support of traditional marriage? His fundamentalist Christian stance on marriage was not particularly shocking, but the subsequent news that he’d donated a cool $2 million to anti-gay groups working against marriage quality was a cultural tipping point that literally exploded in his face.

Boycotts and counter-boycotts, opinion articles, incendiary verbal battles between opposing factions; it was truly a case of the chicken sh*t hitting the fan. I wrote about it in a piece titled Chicken With a Side of Bigotry: Chick-fil-A’s Ungodly Business Plan and I have never received as much hate mail – from self-identified Christians – from any story before or since. That’s a group that has an ungodlly (literally) attachment to their chicken!

But, as stories do, the heat died down, those who’d still imbibe in chicken sandwiches did; those who refused moved on to other fast-food sandwiches, and other than occasional blurb here or there, Cathy and his chicken store mercifully slipped out of the news.

That is, until now.

According to a San Francisco Chronicle story of December 5, 2012, it started with a parody website Chick-fil-A attempted to shut down :

Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, two Brooklyn-based comedians and social commentators, have won their fight to keep their parody website against Chick-fil-A, the Atlanta-based fast-food chain that was thrust in the national spotlight this year for its stance against gay marriage. […] is a website featuring satirical videos, parodies and written content intended to critique the controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s stated opposition to gay marriage. The website contained a “coupon” for a free chicken sandwich to customers renouncing their homosexuality: “Trade your Homosexuality for a FREE Original Chicken Sandwich!” The site also included “messages” from former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Chick-fil-A’s President and CEO, Dan T. Cathy.

While the free-speech ruling was clearly a victory for the site, its satirists and anyone opposed to the social and political mission statement of Chick-fil-A by way of its leadership, this was not an organization to leave well enough alone. What happened next is both hilarious and eye-opening.

The Chick-fil-A Foundation raconteurs, Selvig and Stiefler, put on their church-going best (Mormon-mission-like sweaters and jackets) and headed into a Chick-fil-A store with a “‘Trade Your Homosexuality For A Free Chicken Sandwich” coupon in hand. They marched up to the counter, showed the cashier their coupon, loudly announcing that they were no longer gay and wanted a free sandwich.

Who’d believe that, right?

Well, after closely examining the coupon, admitting, “I’ve never seen these before,” the cashier listens as the boys suggest he honor the “promise” of Chick-fil-A to give a free sandwich to anyone denouncing their gayness and … he gives them their free sandwiches!

Enjoy the “undercover” video below:

Satire’s power is its ability to prick hypocrisy with humor. I don’t think, however, Dan Cathy is going to find this ‘exposé’ quite as funny as the rest of us!



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