Rich Christian Lady Says Long Lasting Shoes Are Proof Of God (VIDEO)

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Across the globe, an estimated 300 million children have no shoes. Almost a billion of the world’s citizens are starving. Let that sink in for just a moment.

With those facts in mind, please forgive me for being cynical when Cindy Jacobs, a wealthy Christian, claims that the fact that she has plenty of food, or that her shoes lasted a long time, is proof of God’s miracles.

“I have seen God multiply food more than one time when I was cooking. When my kids were little, they were always bringing their friends into the house, and I remember spooning out spaghetti or whatever and just prayed and the spirit over that just made more and more and more.

I’ve seen bottles of oil multiply as I was praying for the sick. Bottles of oil just fill up about a cup at a time of oil.”

Then she talked about tires and shoes that lasted a long time.

“And then I had a pair of shoes that I wore and wore and wore for years…these shoes did not wear out and I wore them years and years and years.”

Here’s the video from Right Wing Watch:

Jacobs isn’t the first Christian to find proof of God in every day things. Who can forget former child star Kirk Cameron’s famous ‘Proof of God is in a banana’ video? Here it is:

Of course, I could also say that a banana, which has changed over time, is also proof of evolution.

The fact is, if we look, we could see miracles all around us, but if we look for God in material possessions, we are barking up the wrong tree. Atheists are as likely to be wealthy and have shoes they can wear for “years and years and years.” On the other hand, many of the world’s poor are Christian.

If a Christian has to work that hard to justify their God, perhaps it is their own belief which is at risk. If God is granting miracles to the people who least need it, while letting people go without basic needs, perhaps we should be asking questions not forcing answers.

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