Standard Right Wing Propaganda: Guns And Religion Don’t Kill People, Abortions Do!



Here’s the thing about conservative arguments: If they can’t fit on a bumper sticker, it’s too long for their intended audience and they run the risk of a disastrous second glance. Take the above bit of empty headed propaganda as an example: it seems quite witty until you take a fraction of a second to think about it.

What’s the difference between an abortion and a gun and religion? Well let’s see…an abortion is a personal decision that only directly affects the woman making it. A gun, specifically the kind rational people want banned, is a personal possession that exists for the express purpose of killing other people and religion, specifically the kind people object to, is used to push arbitrary morals on to other people.

To break it down even further:

Guns – Sure, there’s a few people who want all guns banned. They are few and far between. A lot more people wouldn’t be upset if all guns were banned but that’s a far cry from advocating for it. Gun nuts regularly try to stereotype all gun control advocates as gun snatchers that “wanna take our gunz!” This is clear indication that the gun nut is aware that they do not have a legitimate reason for owning guns that are inferior for hunting but excellent for killing a room full of children.

Need home defense? Get a shotgun. Want to go hunting? As Bluedog Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (NRA Rating = A) pointed out, “I don’t know anyone who in the hunting or sporting arena that goes out with an assault rifle. I don’t know anybody that needs 30 rounds in the clip to go hunting.” Want to pop your rocks at a gun range? Store the gun or ammo on site, you don’t need it in your home. People do this with fully automatic machine guns and they don’t seem to be suffering from tyranny.

Stop making excuses for why you “need” guns and accessories explicitly designed to kill people in quantity, just admit you want one because it makes you feel “safe” or “manly.” By the way? It does neither of those things.

Religion – Again, sure, there’s some people that want to do away with all religion. However, those people are badly outnumbered by the people who want to force their religion on everyone else. Religious conservatives find the idea that other people get to do things they don’t like to be extremely offensive. Two men having sex is simply ghastly to religious conservatives so they pass legislation to stop it. They still haven’t gotten over anti-sodomy laws being overturned just as they haven’t gotten over not being constitutionally allowed to teach their biblical based origin myth in public schools to every child, including the ones that don’t follow their religion.

The flip side of this is religious conservatives claiming to be oppressed when they are unable to oppress others. That’s not really how it works. If someone not of your religion violates your faith, that doesn’t affect you in the slightest. You may think they’re going to hell for working on the Sabbath but that’s their problem, not yours. Stop trying to enforce your arbitrary morals on others.

Just an aside, yes, they are arbitrary if you pick and choose which morals to enforce. Hate gay sex but love shrimp? You just made an arbitrary and completely irrational choice.

Abortion – The objection to first term abortion is a purely religious based one. The brain is a very small collection of cells. There is no “person” there in the first trimester at all. Sometime during the second trimester, there may or may not be a person in there and that’s a debate worth having. But we get hysterics instead.

So when a conservative screams that a first trimester abortion or birth control pills are “murder,” they are making a religious argument. If they demand that all pregnancies conclude naturally even when the mother’s life is at stake, they are making a religious argument. If they demand that victims of rape or incest be forced to have that baby, they are making a religious argument. We’ve already covered that, haven’t we?

When abortions can do the harm that guns and religion are capable of in the hands of people who shouldn’t be allowed near either, then we’ll talk. Until then, conservative logic once again has failed in every way conceivable other than to rile up the angry and easily confused.

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