Dead Beat Dad Joe Walsh Says If You Don’t Like The Law, Break It

Tea Party playboy Joe Walsh had some choice words today in regards to obeying the law and being responsible citizens of the United States – Don’t. As reported by the DNAInfo website this morning, the one-term congressman, and deadbeat dad, was meeting with backers at Blackie’s in South Loop when he effectively told them to disregard laws that they don’t like.

Mr Walsh encouraged his followers to “defy and or break the law and engage in civil disobedience” if they did not like laws. He then went on to encourage violence, in a city already known for violence, by telling the assembled audience “We may have to shed blood every couple hundred years to preserve our freedoms.”

Funny how freedoms only exist for Joe and his fans, as he fought tooth and nail to deny freedoms to women, military veterans, protesters, and voters. This of course make sense his later comments That “We need our own Scott Walker,” referring to the Wisconsin governor who is fighting to eliminate voting rights.

Joe Walsh also apparently still watches Fox News, as he believes that the Tea Party represents the United States, despite all evidence to the contrary. His behavior, however, is to continue stoke the fires, and some will undoubtedly follow through on his call to terrorism. His allies have already labelled hate as a virtue, and that the government should be shut down, so the call by Mr. Walsh to direct criminal actions should not come as a surprise.

Walsh then called for war against what he called “Progressive America” saying that “These two Americas are having it out.” He then said that of his home state of Illinois “We have no Republican Party in this state — none” and that he was in talks with third-party groups to develop plans which, according to him, will “scare Republicans and Democrats.”

Considering that apparently the tea parties plans call for armed rebellion whenever they do not get their way, yes, both major political parties are scared – they are scared that Joe Walsh and his compatriots will destroy the United States. They do not understand even the basics of the United States government. Even on areas they claim expertise on the US Constitution, they instead show ignorance. This is a civil war inside the GOP, one caused from within, despite claims to the contrary.

This is a group in denial, which is threatening to derail them and turn them into a regional party only holding onto power through blatant manipulation. This has been a long road for the GOP, and is no longer sustainable. Joe Walsh is only saying what has been said before, only more directly than others. Isn’t it about time that we use the authority granted to the US Government by the Constitution and the Supreme Court to silence those who would cry fire in a crowded theater? Last time I checked, inciting a riot, or to encourage someone to break the law, was itself a crime. Joe Walsh has shown his true colors, neither a patriot nor a responsible citizen. Joe Walsh is no more than a petty, selfish man with the ambition to cause havoc, and to tear down the system which supports him.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.
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