Need A Feel-Good Story? How About One With $13K, A Lost iPad And A Generous Hero? (VIDEO)

Video shot of Patrick Morgan.

Video shot of Patrick Morgan @ US News

It’s been a tough last few months all around. An exhausting election, loads of incendiary politicians, environmental disasters and, most recently, tragic gun violence. We read about it, write about it, and debate it on social media, and wonder, where are the good guys? Some fear the “enlightened” are being outnumbered by those supporting the dark side, and that hope for a better world is doomed by ignorance and hate.


I may be a glass-half-fuller, but I’ll be damned if I don’t believe that while the dark side might be a loud and cacophonous crowd (just look at that insane video of Alex Jones or listen to any Limbaugh lambast), the good guys (and gals) are quietly and effectively making the world a better place.

Meet one of the good guys: Patrick Morgan. He works for Sunshine Cleaning Systems, a Florida cleaning services company, and is assigned to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. He was working the early shift last month when he came upon an iPad someone had inadvertently left behind at the one of the terminal bars. When he opened it up to see if he could find some identification, what he found inside was shocking: $13,000 in cash. From U.S. News/NBC:

“I opened it first and I see the money and I closed it back,” he said.

Just minutes after Morgan alerted authorities about his discovery, the panicked iPad owner returned and gave Morgan $60 as a reward.

While I won’t make comment about a $60 reward for the return of something of that value (because this is a story about the good guys), what Patrick Morgan did then is what really shows his character and values: he took that $60 and gave part of it to a homeless woman outside the airport and the rest to a fellow employee who is going through some hard times.

They don’t make good much “gooder” than that.

Ceremony for Patrick Morgan

Honor ceremony for Morgan @ @ US News

When word got out about Morgan’s good deeds – both the return of the cash and property he found and the heartfelt gesture in giving away his reward – the Broward County Aviation Department decided no good deed should go unacknowledged. They arranged for a small ceremony and honored Morgan with a plaque and a gift. His own employer, Sunshine Cleaning Systems, also gave him a $625 gift (the equivalent to a week’s paid vacation).

“Patrick is such an outstanding and honest person,” Larry Calufetti, president of Sunshine Cleaning Systems, said in a statement. “What he did speaks volumes about his personality.”

Morgan was deeply touched by both the gifts and the ceremony. And this time? He said he’ll keep the money!

Ultimately it’s not about the money. When faced with a real moral choice, he did the unfathomable. “It’s just a good feeling to know that I returned it and that’s the bottom line. I wasn’t looking for anything.”

Score one for the good guys.

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