Rachel Maddow Blows Up Mystique Around NRA’s Power (VIDEO)


Rachel Maddow added some reality-based journalism to the discourse yesterday. In her segment, she successfully debunked the fallacy of the true electoral clout of the NRA.

Make no mistake; the political clout of the NRA is immense. They control many politicians and continue to instill the fear in them via the gun lobby’s seemingly inexhaustible supply of money.

What Maddow was able to do is dispel the notion that the political clout of the NRA is based on their electoral prowess. This prowess is not based on the numbers. It is simply not based on facts. They are however powerful because of something every middle class American should become aware of. Just like corporations have preferred stock and common stock, there are preferred voters and then the rest.


Every politician on Capitol Hill knows the facts.  This is only news to the lay person … but it shouldn’t be a surprise. Did Americans not re-elect President Obama on the premise that tax rates would be increased for the two percent that benefitted the most from the 30 year pilfer of the middle class? Yet, the Republicans in the House of Representatives refused to acquiesce even as they lost the popular vote (they held on to the House because of gerrymandering, not because of popular consent).

Inasmuch as all of Rachel’s numbers are correct and the NRA is really not as powerful as the media would have one believe, Americans must be educated on the realities and not politically driven journalism. That is the only way the middle class and poor can realistically join the governance of this country.

Here’s the video:

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