GOP Congressman And OB/GYN Defends ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment

Rape-Nuts -- Grapenuts cereal logo with spoon full of GOP leaders' heads.

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What is this obsession that Republican men have with rape? It’s apparently not enough that their idiocy lost them 2 Senate seats last year: No, they just keep spouting the stupid. This time it’s someone who should know better, US Representative Phil Gingrey of…wait for it… Georgia.

Gingrey is an OB-GYN and chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus (and what interesting meetings they must have – “So, do we keep lying about women’s health or honor our Hippocratic Oath?” “Hey, as long as we keep getting money from misogynists, let’s keep on a’lyin!”). He claims that he “… know(s) about these things” but either he is the worst OB-GYN ever or he’s the poster boy for misanthropic doctors everywhere.

In a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting in Smyrna, Georgia, Gingrey told attendees that Todd Akin was “partially right” in his statements about “legitimate” rape.  According to Gingrey, being uptight prevents conception.

“We tell infertile couples all the time that are having trouble conceiving because of the woman not ovulating, ‘Just relax. Drink a glass of wine. And don’t be so tense and uptight because all that adrenaline can cause you not to ovulate.”

Comparing couples trying to conceive with women who are trying desperately NOT to, is just detestable. He goes on to admit that if a woman has already ovulated before being raped then pregnancy can’t be prevented because “… the horse has already left the barn, so to speak.” Aside from the offensive analogy, Gingrey is pandering to the popular pro-birth tripe that rapes do not result in pregnancy – they often point to a study that showed out of 1000 cases of rape, the pregnancy rate was zero. Of course, they fail to mention that these 1000 rape victims were given the morning-after pill. Just a silly little detail — who needs those when you’re trying to obfuscate the truth? By the way, the real number of pregnancies resulting from rape is about 5%.

Gingrey then went on to defend Akin again, agreeing with the “theory” that women lie about being raped. Because a frightened teen might use it as an excuse for her promiscuous behavior (note, it’s always the females’ behavior that’s at fault) this means that most women will fall back on it. This, Gingrey says, is what Akin meant by delineating “legitimate rape” as opposed to the frivolous claims of hysterical women. And he doesn’t “… find anything so horrible about that.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, Gingrey went on to defend the comments of Richard Mourdock. You remember him, Mr. Rape-Babies-Are-A-Gift-From-God? Well, Gingrey agrees with that, parsing Mourdock’s words to fit in with the GOP male narrative that women should basically have no choice in their reproductive life. Either human men or men in the sky should always be the ones to make those decisions for those silly women.

Of course, once his words escaped the confines of the meeting and he was asked to elucidate, he went into backpedal mode. His comments are being “unfairly used by his political enemies.” As if we were the ones who went out of our way to find his speech and, gods forbid, repeat his actual words. What is it with these GOP men? Why can’t they just shut up about this subject? Maybe it’s because when they think that they are talking only to their base, their true opinions come out? And, to most Americans, those opinions are backwards and hateful.