Paul Ryan Ponders The Presidency

Thinkin' about it....

Thinkin’ about it….

After his disastrous failed run for Vice President, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan told the Wisconsin State Journal that he has not ruled out a bid for the top spot – PRESIDENT – in 2016. Ryan says he has “decided not to decide” and that he and his family are just enjoying being back in their hometown after his failed Vice Presidential run took him all over the nation with running mate Mitt Romney.

I would LOVE to see the circus that would be the GOP’s Boy Wonder running for President. America learned a whole lot about the man that we didn’t like when he ran for Vice President, and chances are those things have not and will not change within four years. Hey, at least he voted in favor of the fiscal cliff deal, even if he does cover his ass with his fellow conservatives by saying it stopped tax hikes on most Americans and forces Obama to cut spending, and that is the only reason he did it.

Hey Ryan, if you couldn’t win with Mittens, what makes you think you can win the top spot for yourself? Hell, even you didn’t have full faith in yourself, or you would not have continued to campaign for your seat in Congress so aggressively as you simultaneously ran for Vice President. If you have that little faith in yourself, why should we have enough faith in you to vote for you? Methinks this is just a ploy for attention. You got a taste of what it was like to be on the national stage and you don’t want to let it go. Don’t worry, we’ll be watching the train wreck that would would be a Paul Ryan bid for the White House, and popping popcorn all the way.

This oughta be a good one, should it come to pass.