Despicable Insensitivity: NRA Shooting Game Has Coffin-Shaped Targets, Approved For Ages 4+

Fun new video game from the NRA…@  Poking Snakes

Fun new video game from the NRA…@ Poking Snakes

Gun nuts will be gun nuts, but this is just too much, even for them. Just one month after the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT, the NRA has released a most disturbing app. The app is a shooting game where the targets are- wait for it- coffins. Yes, you read right. This is something you’d expect to be on a satire site with extremely bad taste, but, nope, its real.

The app is called NRA:Practice Range,and the targets are coffin-shaped, with bullseyes where the heads and hearts of humans would be. This is not only tasteless and appallingly insensitive to release at this time, but it is hypocritical as well. The NRA blamed violent games for the Sandy Hook shooting, not guns, when it happened, and now, it is promoting the very thing it claims is responsible for these senseless tragedies.

As if the idea of such an app at this time wasn’t disturbing enough, it has a feature where, for just 99 cents, the player can upgrade to an MK11 sniper rifle. Just what we need – more people playing with violent, military-style guns, even if it is just a game. But wait, there’s more: on top of all that, the game is actually approved for ages 4+! That’s just about the age of the 20 kids slaughtered at Sandy Hook, the age of kids NRA CEO, Wayne LaPierre, is so worried about he wants armed guards in every school…but I digress.

The thing is, plenty of people play violent games without resorting to senseless violence. I played them myself as a teenager. That isn’t the issue and the NRA knows it, or they wouldn’t have released this heinous application so soon after such a horrific tragedy. The deeper issue is keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, and, even deeper than that, responding to the problem of mental illness in this nation. The issue with the app isn’t the violent nature of the game, as it isn’t the first, and nor will it be the last, of its kind to be released. The issue is the lack of sensitivity to the shooting of so many innocent children and adults in an elementary school by a mentally disturbed individual. Then again, since when is the NRA a bastion of sensitivity? All that organization seems to care about these days is guns, guns, and more guns, no matter what glaring evidence there is that there are already too many guns in the hands of people who hardly need them.

This is appalling, and it shows that these people have zero sensitivity and sympathy for those who suffered losses in what is arguably one of the biggest massacres in the recent history of this nation. I can only personally look at them in disgust and shake my head, and label them what they are – a terrorist organization – for imposing such horror.