NEWSFLASH: Tucson Republican Joins Democrats – GOP ‘Is An Ideological Outlier’

041511_Kozachik_617_347The Arizona City Councilman who once held a gun buyback on the anniversary of the Tucson shootings, Steve Kozachik, is now leaving the party of gun nuts. Kozachik is turning in his Republican Party affiliation in favor of the Democrats. His reasoning? Just like liberals have been predicting, the right is too extreme for any reasonable person to associate with in its current state, and we can add Kozachik to the list of people who are abandoning it. He says that the Republican party is “being driven by a small, but vocal faction that has taken it far to the political right” in a Tucson Sentinel op-ed.

Kozachik goes on to say:

The Arizona Republican Party is an ideological outlier. I am not, and I see nothing that indicates that leadership is inclined to move in any direction but further away from what I believe are the values of this community. I appreciate the support I have been given by those in the party who share these feelings. I also appreciate the support I have been given by both independents and Democrats who have openly recognized my efforts to craft common sense public policy, untethered from an extreme ideological position. But the Republican Party leadership cannot expect those of us whose purpose it is to reach common ground across varying political interests to continue to wear a label that rejects that core principle.

Well said, sir! I concur. I am very thankful that there are still reasonable people who once wore the Republican label, and are now coming over to our side. Welcome to the side of sanity! Glad to have you.