Aurora Movie Theater Set To Reopen With New Name On January 17th


Nearly six months after the horrific shooting of July 20, 2012 that left 12 dead and 58 wounded, the Aurora movie theater that hosted the awful incident is being reopened. The facility will have a new name: The Century Aurora.

Although there are some victims’ family members planning to boycot the reopening, many feel that it is a time for healing. The theater will host an event and tour for victims and their families so that they may have private moments in the theater to help come to terms with the violence that occurred last July. Thursday will then host another “evening of remembrance”, where Mayor Steve Hogan, Gov. John Hickenlooper and the CEO of the parent company of the theater, Cinemark, will speak. There will be counselors available for those that need them.

Aurora Theater Shooting

Those boycotting the theater state that it is because Cinemark is using the reopening events as a publicity stunt to drive attention away from the company, but Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan has stated that, “This is about healing, hope for the future and thanking the literally hundreds of people on the front lines in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. We’re a community that’s still working through this.”

The Denver Post reports on the reopening;

Business considerations likely played a big role in deciding whether the theater complex — among the largest and most profitable in the Denver metro area — should reopen. Aurora officials also said a survey from August showed overwhelming community support for reopening the theater.

Cinemark planned to spend about $1 million changing the look of the complex inside and out.

The purple hue and neon lights on the theater’s towering facade have been replaced with a more somber swamp green.

As stated by the Post above, community support for the reopening of the theater is overwhelming. In light of that, is is my belief that it is the right decision to make. Although there are certainly business drivers behind the move, the community that experienced the tragedy supports it, and I believe it will help to heal the damaged community.


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