Gingrich Projection – Calls Obama A Bully (VIDEO)


The Republicans in congress have already made it clear that they have no intention of governing and mean to only obstruct the functioning of government. However, the President’s calling them out on it has raised the ire of their supporters, in particular their disgraced former speaker, Newt Gingrich.

On Tuesday, Gingrich told CBS News that President Obama is “going out of his way to bully” them. Further, he called upon the congress to continue delaying tactics, using continuing resolutions to force painful cuts which hurt the American people, while catering to offshore financial interests again and again. His suggestion, to force this confrontation several times over the next two years, further demonstrates that the one-time contender for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination is as out of touch with reality as is the party he is now advising.

Gingrich did however impart onto them a warning:

“In the end it’s a threat they can’t sustain. No one is going to default, no one is going to allow the United States to not pay its bills, no one is going to accept the economic costs. It rallies the entire business community to the president’s side.”

Notice, nothing about the common citizenry, only business people are of any concern to him. But he continued:

“I don’t think we should pick fights where we can’t, in fact in the end, enforce our will because we have no evidence, in the end, that Barack Obama’s going to compromise. Nothing he’s done in the last couple of months would imply that he’s going to compromise.”

Gingrich points out correctly that the President is not showing any signs of compromise. He does not, however, grasp that this is not some bullying action, but instead the way any responsible adult handles children throwing a temper tantrum.

Gingrich assumes that his party is responsible. The only thing it is responsible for is being filled with greedy, shortsighted fools who care nothing about the job they have to do and only wish to grab and attain some status, which is meaningless in the longer term. Gingrich himself was the engineer of this mess, turning what once was the party of intelligent compromise – which guided the nation from the backseat – into the Tea Party ideologues we know today who cannot comprehend even basic civics.

Later in the interview, CBS host Charlie Rose asked about gun regulations, which of course turned into a strawman argument for Mr. Gingrich:

“I think it’s amazing that we’re having all this discussion about gun control, the President’s hometown of Chicago is the murder capitol of the United States. Over 500 people were killed there last year. Vice President [Joe] Biden doesn’t seem to want to go there. I’m trying to get the House Republicans to hold hearings there. It’s illegal to have all the guns that are killing people in Chicago. If gun control works Chicago ought to be safe.”

This, of course, is a common argument, using Chicago as a metric. The homicide rate for Chicago (15.7 per 100,000) is comparable to other major cities such as Los Angeles (13.4 per 100,000), and is still significantly lower than its peak, for both per-capita (29 per 100,000) and overall (970). When gun advocates bring up Chicago, it means that they know they have no argument, and hope to blindside or obfuscate the issue by claiming the city as some kind of barometer, when in fact it is comparable to other urban areas across the United States.

Gingrich is engaging in an old tactic, projecting. The Republican party is the party of bullies, their policies and tactics encourage the worst sort to gather. By engaging in bully tactics, they concentrate bullies into one place. The President is refusing to engage with bullies, who are continuing to be egged on by the stochastic terrorist organization Fox News. They intend to destroy the United States in their effort to remake the nation into a banana republic, enslaved to corporate masters, all while they proclaim it as freedom. They have learned their Orwell, for to them Freedom is Slavery, Love is Hate, and Knowledge is Ignorance. And remember, Big Brother is watching you.

You can watch Charlie Rose talking to former Speaker Gingrich here in this video provided by Rawstory:

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.
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