The David Pakman Show – Neil Patrick Harris Accused Of ‘Anti-Christian’ And ‘Pro-Gay’ Agenda (VIDEO)


“How I Met Your Mother” TV star Neil Patrick Harris is accused of promoting a “gay” and “anti-Christian” agenda in a Super Bowl ad.

Alicia Lutes from quipped:

Tact is often a writer’s best friend when discussing controversial events. But not today, because a bunch of idiots think that Neil Patrick Harris’ new Super Bowl ad is pushing some sort of “gay agenda” while simultaneously mocking Christianity. Clearly they’ve never heard of the words “imitation” or Beyoncé. And they also haven’t seen any of the other advertising materials related to the upcoming CBS-fronted Super Bowl. […] Harris’ face is featured in a new commercial for the upcoming sporting event, shown wearing the often-seen-on-sports-types eye black […] with the date of Super Bowl XLVII (Feb. 3, 2013) written over it.

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Now, any one with even a minimal knowledge of popular culture will look at the advertisement and go “oh look, NPH is doing his best Beyoncé!” and laugh about how wonderfully delightful and playful the all-around entertainer is when it comes to pretty much everything. But no! Not those over-eager beavers at WND—those folks saw nothing of the sort when they looked upon Harris’ face. What they saw was, according to an unnamed “football fan” who watched the ad, was CBS “pushing a gay agenda by using him, and they’re mocking Christians at the same time.” Why? Because a lot of times, Tim Tebow writes the names and numbers of Bible verses in his own eye black (i.e. “John 3:16”).

Just pointing this out: no one got mad when noted heterosexual woman Beyoncé Knowles did the same thing in her Super Bowl-related advertisement.

Leave it to World Nut Daily to have a conniption over an out-and-proud homosexual man wearing some eye-black. When you hang out with Birthers, Truthers, pro-“fetal personhood and vaginal probes” loons like Rick Santorum and wild-eyed gun nuts / conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones–the core audience for WND’s far right agenda and articles–your worldview is likely to be a wee bit skewed.

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