Battle Of The Bully Pundits – Glenn Beck And Alex Jones Duke It Out, Again (VIDEO)


The crazies have come to roost, and this time it’s Alex Jones responding to crazy things that Glenn Beck said about him. Yes, Alex Jones is at it again. He appeared recently on The Young Turks to talk about Glenn Beck’s calling him a fascist, among other things. Jones’ rant goes on for almost two minutes. A transcript of the his rant is below:

Glenn Beck has tried to hold me back. While I’ve talked with people who’ve worked with him, he has five guys watching everything I do taking my news articles. Listen. Four, five years ago he wouldn’t talk about any of this stuff. Now he takes it, but spins it in a neocon way, and I’m sick of Glenn Beck. I’m sick and tired of him. He’s a punk. He called me a fascist. This is a guy who made jokes about torture, and said it was a great thing. This is a guy who supports drones. This is a guy that supports the Patriot Act. I was against all that when Bush was pushing it. Ok, I’m a Constitutional Libertarian who loves freedom. My views are my own. That little piece of trash needs to know this. He tries to play this collectivist game of ‘Oh, he doesn’t speak for us. He’s trying to speak for us.’

Hey! You Jackass mainline conservatives don’t speak for me. You’re the ones that have discredited true Conservatism and Libertariansim. Thomas Jefferson would spit on you, you little bastard. You little piece of trash. That’s what I got to say to Glenn Beck. I’m sick of him. And by the way, you haven’t held me back, punk. You’re not stopping my signal going out. And I saw that 15 minute clip where he attacked me. They looked so scared because they’re a bunch of nelly punks who can’t stand the fact that I’m the one that’s turning this ship around. I’m that one that’s got all the conservative hosts aping for my information and my talking points because I’m an original, and I’ve done the real research. Okay. I’m leading the pack, and all these fake jackass conservatives know it. They know it and they can’t stand it.

I know we could probably watch these two go at it for hours. Glenn Beck responds with equal hate and spite to which Alex Jones responds back. What does this all really mean? There are two answers to this. First, those on the right are finally beginning to realize that they no longer call all the shots. But the second but much larger issue is this. The right is dominated by textbook bullies who respond in the typical bully fashion. And all of us who seek out this kind of show only contribute to it.

In an interview with with Diversity Inc. Pier Forni describes the parallels between the behaviors that bullies display in different arenas of life.

In today’s America, incivility is on prominent display: in the schools, where bullying is pervasive; in the workplace, where an increasing number are more stressed out by coworkers than their jobs; on the roads, where road rage maims and kills; in politics, where strident intolerance takes the place of earnest dialogue; and on the web, where many check their inhibitions at the digital door.

While we may feel safe to sit back in to watch ringside the two beat up on each other, don’t we also need to step back and say, enough already? We already know what the consequences of this type of behavior is, whether we are the ones inside the ring or outside the ring egging them on. We have a Congress that doesn’t work. We have state legislatures challenging the authority of the federal government. And we have innocent people who get caught up in the aftermath because we allow and encourage bullying. At the time, it seems like fun, but now we have to clean up the mess.

We need to walk away from the show, and let the bullies know that they cannot come to the table. Some on the right have claimed that President Obama is a bully because he signs executive orders, like the Dream Act. But the truth is, signing an executive order is not bullying because he did it in order to move along the discussion, and not allow innocent people get caught in the middle. A bully picks fights because they want something for themselves or for others like them. And the only reason he does it for others is because he likes the power that goes with it. The point is illustrated in this part of Jones’ rant:

They looked so scared because they’re a bunch of nelly punks who can’t stand the fact that I’m the one that’s turning this ship around. I’m that one that’s got all the conservative hosts aping for my information and my talking points

So how do we deal with bullies who have taken over the entire school? As a nation, those of us who are rational, need to put aside that part of us that allows and encourages this behavior. We need to look towards people like Gabby Giffords. She is in a unique position to help ‘turn this ship around’ because she’s a gun owner, she’s a victim of someone who used the type of guns that are so contentious, and she’s been a legislator. She and her husband have created an organization that hopes to take the attention away from unproductive discussion, and instead turn it towards common sense solutions.

The fact is, the vast majority of this country believes (85%) that we should have background checks for all firearms sales. A large majority believe that people with mental health problems should not be allowed access to firearms. The list of things that we agree on is much larger than these few would lead us to believe otherwise. That’s just it. We cannot allow people to be a part of this discussion if they’re not willing to talk in a civil manner without spewing hate, calling people names, and pointing fingers. If these guys were at school, they’d be sitting outside the principal’s office. Let’s decide to send them there, and get on with life for the rest of us. We need to get this country back on track. Toss the bullies, and let’s take back our country.