Liberal Icon Dennis Kucinich Now Part Of Fox News Family (VIDEO)


In a marriage that proves that opposites truly do attract, former Congressman and liberal stalwart, Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), is joining the team on Fox News.

Fox News, rather than being a conservative outlet, has morphed from “defend Bush at all costs” to becoming a full-time Obama attack machine. It’s doubtful they care if the attacks come from the right or the left. In fact, the left is probably preferred, since Fox has already maxed out their audience of angry white people. Angry liberals are still a relatively untapped resource. While it’s probably safe to assume that Kucinich won’t get behind Fox’s ‘Bomb Iran’ agenda and he will likely not be a conservative ally on guns, Kucinich will offer enough anti-Obama rhetoric to please Fox shareholders and many angry liberals.

For a preview of Kucinich’s role on Fox, watch this video where Greta Van Susteren interviews him on the Affordable Care Act:

Kucinich eventually gave in and voted for the Affordable Care Act.

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