Oil Activist Opens Smoothie Bar, Charges Liberals Extra

No Liberals.A juice and smoothie bar in Vernal, Utah, is charging a dollar extra for service to people that hold liberal political beliefs. The bar, which opened November 7, is run and owned by a man named George Burnett. Burnett is also an activist for the oil and gas industry, which can be easily surmised from the name of the bar, as well as other information — the Facebook page for the business frequently posts things such as, “Hope to see you down at the I Love Drilling! shop, and don’t forget to HONK if you ? Drilling!,” Burnett is apparently known throughout the area by the delightful moniker “the ‘I ? Drilling!’ guy,” and the name of the shop is “I Love Drilling Juice & Smoothies.”

Now, anybody that seemingly loves oil this much can’t be all that smart, so we’ll examine him in a little bit more detail. First, his pricing:

Image from I Love Drilling. www.ilovedrilling.com

Image from I Love Drilling. www.ilovedrilling.com.


It says, “Yes, liberals pay more here.” Ah. Well, sir, we can add — or is that a reminder for yourself? After all, he’s quoted as saying the following by the Huffington Post (seen below), which shows that he doesn’t understand the historic fact that liberals do better with the economy. One of my favorite quotes by Richard Nixon of all time (I don’t have many) is, “If there’s war, people will vote for me to end it,” he told his aides [during the Vietnam War. The Johnson (Humphrey)/Nixon election cycle]. “If there’s peace, they’ll vote their pocketbooks — Democratic prosperity.” (The Presidents Club)

From the Huffington Post

“We have a fiscal problem in this country,” George Burnett, owner of I Love Drilling Smoothie & Juice Bar, told the news station. “To kind of help make that point a little bit, I charge [liberals] just a little more,” he said, adding that the business donates surcharges paid by any left-leaning patrons to “conservative causes.”

We certainly do have a fiscal problem, but it isn’t a liberal one. Liberals, as you know, usually favor more regulation on things like the financial industry, while conservatives do not. The recession (in case anyone has forgotten) was caused by this lack of regulation, especially on Wall Street. That’s a super-simplified version, but if I went into detail you’d be here for a while.

In fact, part of the “spending problem” of Barack Obama’s first term in the Oval Office was caused by the infamous bailouts (a necessary evil), partially of the banking industry that originally caused the recession. Once again, fiscal problem? Yes. Caused by liberalism? Definitely not.

The “conservative causes” (mentioned above) are reported by Fox News to be mostly the Heritage Foundation:

Burnett says the extra money will go to support the conservative Washngton-based think tank, The Heritage Foundation.

Burnett, also a pro-oil and gas activist, plainly lists prices for his drinks, with colorful names like Drakes Well, Oil Creek and Old American. Conservatives: $4.95, Liberals: $5.95, and Crew Team Members: $3.95.

Well, this oil activist and The Heritage Foundation have something in common, then — they’re both quite familiar with corporate interests.

The Heritage Foundation, for those of you that prefer to keep a safe distance from organized scum, is a Washington-based conservative “think tank” (I wouldn’t call it that) that was founded in 1973. Start-up money was provided by oil and gas corporations (surprise), pharmaceutical interests, and companies like RJ Reynolds (tobacco company) and Amway. David Brock, the founder of Media Matters for America, discusses the beginnings of the conservative organization in his book, Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative:

The foundation recruited for its board Richard Mellon Scaife, an heir to the Mellon banking fortune; Lewis Lehrman, a drugstore magnate; Dr. Robert Krieble, founder of the worldwide chemical corporation Loctite; and writer Midge Decter…Heritage is a tax-exempt foundation, requiring that it not engage in activities or lobbying benefiting a political party. However, the organization functioned as a de facto arm of the GOP, churning out slick position papers, called Heritage Backgrounders, that were then marketed on Capitol Hill by a specially designated congressional relations shop…Essentially, the papers backed up an already fixed ideological viewpoint, dictated directly by a tier of Heritage executives who decided the organization’s position on a given issue, and indirectly by the outside foundations that held Heritage’s purse strings.

What you should take from this is that The Heritage Foundation is a masked lobbying organization that uses false intellectualism to help corporate interests get congressional representation. Plus, it proudly brags about endorsements from conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh — that should tell you everything you need to know about it right there.

All that George Burnett has done is shown us that he’s an idiot. Let’s move on.


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