Sandy Hook Hero Harassed By Pro-Gun ‘Truthers’ (VIDEO)

An emotional Gene Rosen talks to Fox News Reporters about the Sandy Hook Shootings.

Screen shot of Sandy Hook hero Gene Rosen relating the six terrified children’s accounts of the shootings to news reporters. Even Faux News believes his account of the events.

Gene Rosen lives so close to Sandy Hook elementary school that he heard the bullets on that dreadful day. That day, he found six terrified children and their bus driver sitting at the end of his driveway. He brought them all into his house, giving them snacks and listening to their stories about the shootings at their school. Rosen, a retired psychologist, had no idea what had happened, attributing the gunshots to hunters. But as the children told him about the massacre, and about their teacher, Mrs. Soto, protecting them with her body, Rosen was struck by their courage. He felt that he had to tell the world about them. So he did. He became one of the faces of the event, granting numerous TV interviews describing that day and the six children he sheltered. Two songwriters even wrote a song about him and posted it on You Tube.

But the ugliness that is the Sandy Hook ‘truthers’ have found this gentle man and is attacking him ruthlessly. They are calling him a liar for the government and, unimaginably, a satanist. One of his attackers even went so far as to accuse him of actually sacrificing one of the children in his basement! He has been receiving hostile emails, some demanding to know how much he is being paid to lie. He has been jeered at in restaurants. Some of the nut-jobs have put up videos “exposing” Rosen’s “lies.” Now, with a ‘news’ anchor and a professor questioning the events of December 14th, the Sandy Hook ‘truther’ movement is gaining momentum, proving that some people are so stupid that they shouldn’t be allowed to leave their rooms. It’s getting to be too much for the 69-year-old, driving him to frustration and anger. And who could blame him?

Here’s the video:

Tucson News Now

Gene Rosen is a hero. He should be held up as the very model of how we should treat one another, especially in horrific circumstances like those children found themselves in on that awful day. Instead, pea-brained paranoids are overwhelming this man with their ignorant conspiracy theories. What in the name of ANY god would make someone believe that such a terrible thing could be a hoax? Or worse, a government operation? What kind of soul-sickness would make someone attack this man who did nothing more than protect children and tell of their bravery? This is something that needs to go viral, to protect Gene Rosen and shame the monsters who are attacking him. This must not stand.


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