10 Things Conservatives Support That Are MORE Invasive Than Background Checks For Gun Ownership


The outrage has already exploded from conservatives since President Obama signed 23 executive orders and proposed legislation to prevent gun violence. Among the proposals is the strengthening of background checks, which would be more focused and would be required for any gun sale including those at gun shows. But the conservative echo chamber is opposed to any such changes to current background check laws and is calling such changes invasive.

I’m assuming conservatives mean invasive to the privacy of those who want to own a firearm and invasive to rights in general. Unfortunately for conservatives, they’ve slammed into a wall and it’s called hypocrisy. Because conservatives are crying foul over an imagined invasion of privacy and rights, it would be prudent to list all of the various policies conservatives support that are more invasive than a background check for wannabe gun owners.

1. The Birth Certificate Obsession

Going after President Obama’s birth certificate for the last four years even after he released his long form certificate is invasive. But conservatives didn’t stop there. They wanted his college transcripts, college application, passport, and just about every single piece of documentation President Obama has ever signed, written, or filled out. And conservatives demanded all of this because they insist that President Obama isn’t a natural born American citizen. This is the conservative version of a background check. If President Obama had been a white guy named Joe Smith the conservatives wouldn’t have had this obsession. If conservatives insist upon doing the ultimate background check on a President simply because of his color and name, we should be able to perform better background checks on people who want a weapon that is designed to kill.

2. Transvaginal Ultrasounds

Talk about invasive. A transvaginal ultrasound involves the use of a probe that is inserted into the vagina. Republicans across the country support forcing women to undergo this invasive procedure in order to get an abortion. Ironically, Roe v Wade made abortion legal to protect the very privacy Republicans are now violating with this policy. Virginia and Texas already have such laws and other states including Ohio and Pennsylvania are considering requiring the procedure as well. Conservatives say gun owners and buyers deserve privacy yet they completely support what amounts to state sanctioned rape. Now that’s invasive.

3. Restricting Contraceptives

Conservatives aren’t stopping at transvaginal probes. They want to decide if women can protect themselves during sex with contraception as well. Kansas Republicans recently passed a law that allows pharmacists and doctors to deny women contraceptives. Some states such as Arizona and Missouri want to allow employers to deny their female employees birth control as well. Other states such as Mississippi and Oklahoma are pursuing Personhood bills that would declare a joined egg and sperm a human with full rights, which would effectively outlaw many forms of contraceptives. Republicans are waging an all out war on women and it’s incredibly invasive, yet conservatives still have the gall to whine about gun regulations.

4. Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

It’s already happening in Florida and conservatives across the country want to pass the exact same laws. According to Republicans, people who receive food stamps or other government aid should be forced to take a drug test. In other words, you have to willingly surrender your urine or blood if you want to feed your family and pay your bills. Of course when these bills include testing lawmakers as well Republicans are quick to back off such legislation because they don’t want their own privacy violated.

5. Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

It’s true. Republicans want to tell us who we can and cannot marry. Michele Bachmann once infamously quipped during her run to be the Republican Presidential nominee that gay people can marry as long as they marry people of the opposite sex. That’s a huge invasion of privacy. Any consenting adult should be able to marry any consenting adult they wish, yet conservatives want to invade our privacy and regulate who we love.

6. Religious Discrimination

Conservatives are overwhelmingly Christian. Of course it’s of the fundamentalist variety. And like most fundamentalists, they want to impose their religion onto the entire population whether we like it or not. Part of this agenda means forcing Christianity in schools across the country. Conservatives in several states including Indiana, Florida, Tennessee and others have tried to requires prayer in school and have tried to require creationism in science class. This is all regardless of whether you are a Christian or not. In other words, conservatives are forcing children to practice and learn about Christianity. Most people would call this indoctrination. It’s also an invasion of privacy since your beliefs are your own and you have the right to them. But when you try to force your religious beliefs on others you have become invasive. Not only have conservatives tried to force Christianity upon school children, they’ve also been trying to impose their version of Biblical law on all Americans which is why they are trying to regulate women’s bodies and who we are allowed to marry.

7. Attacking The Right To Vote

Trying to keep people from exercising their right to vote is an invasion of not only the privacy of Americans, but their consciences as well. But conservatives are doing exactly that across the country. From Ohio to Florida to Wisconsin to Pennsylvania and Virginia, conservatives are forcing citizens to obtain a voter identification card in order to vote. Conservatives are also cutting voter registration times and are even attempting to change the electoral process in states so that Republicans can lock down the Presidency for many elections to come. Such acts are invasive to democracy. So Republicans are fine with forcing people to have state identification cards and with changing our right to vote so that they can win forever but requiring reasonable gun control measures is invasive.

8. Getting Between Doctors And Patients

Here’s an incredibly invasive thing conservatives are doing. Most of us would probably agree that medical decisions should be between patients and their doctors. Too bad conservatives don’t feel the same way. Health care in America is among the worst in the developed world and it’s only going to get worse if Republicans have their way. Many conservative states have vowed to not implement Obamacare, which would keep millions of people from being able to get the medical attention they desperately need. Republicans are also making every effort to end Medicare and Medicaid, which millions of people rely on to ensure they get the proper medical care. But Republicans aren’t just trying to keep people from doctors, they’re also trying to insert themselves into the medical decisions doctors and patients make. In Kansas, Republicans passed a law the forces doctors to lie to women about abortion. The law requires doctors to tell pregnant women that abortion causes breast cancer even though there is no evidence to support such a correlation. Republicans across the country support this law, and support laws allowing doctors and nurses to refuse to perform an abortion even if it is medically necessary to safe the life of the mother. Not only is this invasive, it’s life threatening. But that’s not all. Republicans in Mississippi are seeking to close the last abortion clinic in the state which will undoubtedly force women to resort to deadly back alley abortions. Republicans in Wisconsin have passed a law requiring women who want birth control to actually go see their doctor in person instead of seeing their doctor via telecommunication. All of this is on top of Republican opposition to laws that prevent insurance companies from denying health care coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. In all, Republicans have been consistent when it comes to invading our medical privacy.

9. Papers Please

Arizona’s immigration law allows police to question the citizenship of anybody. Of course, this being a conservative law, it really only requires police to question the citizenship of people who have a brown or brownish complexion. Similar laws have been passed in Alabama and Georgia and has affected anybody with an accent or a non-white skin color. These kinds of laws are mostly targeted at Hispanics, who are being forced to prove that they are a citizen of the United States. Now Hispanics have to live in fear of having their loyalty questioned, which is a fear usually found in people who live in nations like China, North Korea, or Iran. Such laws are invasive and infringe upon our right to privacy. Conservatives think background checks on citizenship are just fine, but a background check on someone buying a gun is invasive.

10. Supporting Torture

Torturing people is against the law, and humanity. Yet Republicans believe it’s perfectly fine to violate human rights in the effort to get an answer they want. If you don’t understand why torture is invasive, there is something wrong with you. Thankfully, President Obama has signed an order banning torture, but that won’t stop Republicans from re-instituting it in the future when they take back the government because of their anti-voting schemes.

To conservatives, every aspect of our private lives should be heavily regulated from who we marry to what we do in the bedroom to what medical decisions we make to what religion we practice to how we vote and who we vote for to what culture we belong to. But they think guns, which are tools designed to kill, should be free from regulation. They think reasonable gun control measures are invasive. They are wrong and they are hypocrites.