Rachel Maddow Slams NRA As Trolls, Dismisses Them As ‘Not Serious’

trollface2-e1339506947642Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow took to the air not to condemn the NRA, but to dismiss it as irrelevant. Her take down was as brutal as it was factual. The NRA peddles in fear, misinformation and manufactured outrage. Maddow calls it a “tried and true shtick” designed to anger liberals to the delight of the gun nuts (a small but screechy minority of Americans). Why? To make money. To distract from the issues at hand. To polarize the debate and make it go away.

Here’s the video:

The NRA depends on its reputation as being a “big gun” in Washington and speaking for over 4 million rabid gun owners that will take to the streets in a moment’s notice if we try to take their guns! The reality is that the NRA lost the majority of the races it backed in the 2012 election, is boldly lying about how many members it has and the real kicker is that majority of gun owners actually support basic, life saving regulations like mandatory background checks that are designed to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous people and do exactly nothing to stop law abiding citizens from purchasing guns.

Rachel’s advice? Don’t feed the troll. As the NRA continues to dish out the crazy, pay them no mind. The Great and Powerful OZ is just a group of greedy corporate merchants of death. They don’t care about “freedom” or the Second Amendment, they care about selling as many guns as possible. Ignore them and pressure your local and state representatives to do the same.

Here’s the link to find and contact you Congressperson and Senators