Right Wing Radio Host Attacks Critics Of Michele Bachmann As ‘Promoting The Islamist Agenda’

Why so serious Michele? Photo courtesy of Alexander Cohn/ Monitor Staff

Why so serious Michele? Photo courtesy of Alexander Cohn/ Monitor Staff

On his radio show—Secure Freedom Radio—Tuesday, Frank Gaffney’s guest was Andrew McCarthy of the National Review and the pair started in on People For The American Way. Complaining about PFAW’s petition to remove Michele Bachmann from the House Intelligence Committee was their first order of business. Calling the group “People For the Islamist Way,” Gaffney spun a conspiracy about the so-called “Red-Green axis.” Supposedly some kind of cooperative between the American left and Islam, the “axis” is a favorite topic for McCarthy so I guess Gaffney was just trying to make him feel at home.

The dumbbell duo came to Bachmann’s defense, citing her “courageous” conviction that there’s something fishy about Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin because … well gosh, just look at that name! But of course poor Michele is the real victim here. She’s being “borked” dontcha know, by the terrible left because she’s so “effective.” I know … I’ll wait for you to stop laughing. Ready?

But it’s not just the evil left that’s attacking poor ‘cheley. Some of the higher-ups in her own party, no doubt embarrassed at long last, have also renounced her ravings. However, McCarthy thinks that’s just peachy because Bachmann has “… irritated all the right people…” Gaffney was quick to point out that Bachmann’s questions about Abedin were “perfectly reasonable” and that it’s all some kind of Islamist plot to make the poor dear look bad. As if she didn’t do a fantastic job of that all on her own.

They went on to say that PFAW was the creation of Norman Lear, television producer and free speech advocate. So that automatically invalidates it because, hey, Hollywood types and Liberals and such. Because if you’re not their brand of patriot well, then you’re an Islamist. Or something. They brought up Lear’s objection to the nomination of Robert Bork for the Supreme Court, citing he was “… instrumental in the slander…” of the judicial nominee. And now poor Michele is just the latest victim of the these horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad people. Oh, boo hoo.

Poor Michele. First she gets called on not paying campaign staffers. Her debate coach had her under his spell and now there’s this awful petition. Whatever is a wingnut to do? Apparently invite another wingnut onto your radio show and attempt to defend your darling while simultaneously tearing down those who object to her. Too bad not many others feel so warmly towards Michele. But you have to admit, she’s sure good for the entertainment value.


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