Three Shot In Gun Show Accident

300px-Houston_Gun_Show_at_the_George_R._Brown_Convention_CenterThree Injured at Gun Show. When you read the headline you ask “where this time?” In less than two years accidents have occurred in Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and now Raleigh, North Carolina.

Today’s “accident” occurred at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina at the safety checkpoint when a patron unzipped a 12 Gauge Shotgun and accidentally fired it. Three, including a sheriff’s deputy, were injured. Police say the shotgun’s owner brought the weapon to the show to find a private buyer.

“The gun went off while being checked by an official at a safety check-in location.” No, it was more than that. Either it was NOT checked, incorrectly checked or someone reloaded it after it was checked. The gun did not of its own accord just go bang. But it was an “accident” so; yet again the prospect of nobody being responsible exists.

In December of 2012, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky two men were wounded in the parking lot of a gun show. “One of the men had purchased a 9mm Highpoint and had attempted to load it when the weapon discharged for some reason. The bullet went through the man’s hand and struck the other man in the buttocks,” police said.

In October of 2012, in Tupelo, MS both a four year old child and a patron of a gun show were injured when a bullet went through the wall.

In June of 2011, in Mount Clemens, MI a female customer at the monthly gun show accidentally fired a gun not realizing it was loaded. The 64 year old owner of the gun then inspected the gun and fired it again. Two women and a child were injured by bullet fragments.

In February of 2011, in Bloomington, IL a man was handling a loaded gun at a vendor booth…he fired it once sending a bullet through one man’s chest and into another. A third person was injured diving for cover.

Also in February 2011, in Gray, Tennessee, outside of the Johnson City, Tri-cities area a man was wounded in the leg while trying to attach a newly purchased laser for his 9mm.

In 2008 an eight year old was killed while shooting an UZI at a gun show, live fire exhibition in Massachusetts. He did so while being “supervised” by a 15 year old, while his father watched and while the Chief of Police who ran the show was “away”.

What do these SEVEN incidences have in common? Besides the obvious “at a gun show,” they were all events in which gun enthusiasts, those folks who we are constantly told are “part of the 99% of gun owners who are safe, legal and responsible. All but one took place under managed supervision, meaning that a proactive safety check had been in place; either checking and disarming weapons at the door or by requiring vendors to only have unloaded weapons.

And most important, all of these events were declared “accidental…no charges will be filed.” That phrase repeated from story to story. Nobody held responsible for the safe handling of firearms…no incentive to demand a safer environment.

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