Yet Another Sheriff Claims To Be A Constitutional Expert Who Won’t Enforce Gun Law

Justin Smith from his Facebook page

Justin Smith (from his Facebook page)

When it comes to guns and Obamacare, everyone, it seems, is a constitutional scholar – except, of course, for the actual constitutional scholar who currently resides in the White House. One by one, law enforcement officials are declaring the President’s exceedingly tame executive orders unconstitutional and they are planning to refuse to enforce them.

Sheriff Justin Smith of Larimer County, Colorado has problems with President Obama’s executive orders on gun violence. The one he has a particularly hard time with is the order on background checks. As Westword shared from Smith’s Facebook page:

The only possible way to achieve “universal background checks” for private transactions of lawfully-owned firearms is to register every single firearm in existence in our nation. Otherwise, the federal government could never prove the transaction of a firearm. Anyone who fails to go through with such registration will be defined as a criminal by our federal government. That same government which has all too often has failed to enforce the current laws against criminal predators, will then start to discriminately target and prosecute law-abiding Americans who are simply exercising their Constitutionally recognized Right to keep and bear arms.

Smith has a long-held passion for guns and his interpretation of the Second Amendment. He is an educated man with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, but he is only an amateur when it comes to constitutional law.

He is joined by many sheriffs across the nation and across his state of Colorado, including in neighboring Weld County.

There’s nothing unusual about a law enforcement official turning a blind eye on certain laws. In fact, it could be argued that nearly every law enforcement official in Colorado is doing the exact same thing with marijuana laws. As you might recall, Colorado legalized both possession and sale of marijuana in November. It is still against federal law, a law being ignored by law enforcement officials across the state.

The difference, however, is that the marijuana laws aren’t being enforced because of state law, not because of some divinely inspired constitutional expertise.

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