Five Member of Family in Albuquerque Killed by 15 Year Old Son with Military Style Rifle.


We focus on the big mass shootings…those which make headlines that continue for weeks…Aurora, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Sikh Temple, Binghamton, NY.

But other, less deadly shootings are more the norm…all across the nation, as folks sort out their domestic conflicts or drug dealings with lethal results. We count the killings that occur with unwavering frequency in Covina, Hamilton, Hazard, every town…and now Albuquerque.

This weekend’s shooting is in Albuquerque…five are dead, father, mother and three children. The 15 year old shooter, Nehemiah Griego is in custody. Each victim had been shot multiple times. The victims were members of the Griego family, who neighbors described as active in the church, that the father is a pastor and that the family had 10 children, one of whom appears to be the shooter. A Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department spokesman said several guns were found inside the home, including a “military-style” rifle that had been used in the crime.

The beat goes on, the body count goes up and the only common denominator to all the violence is a gun. With the national focus on gun violence…this one will get more attention than normal, this one will linger in the news as it has all the right elements that the media watch…number of dead, type of gun, children.

Last week the domestic shooting was in Hazard, Kentucky, a small town of 4,500 in the heart of the Appalachia coal fields. Three were killed by a shooter who had only bought his gun hours early at a gun and pawn shop. This was extensively covered last week by Addicting Info.

Because people do not get involved with solving the problem of death by gun violence unless they are headlines…two more to look at.

On Christmas Eve, 2008 in the city of Covina, California 45-year-old Bruce Jeffrey Pardo entered his former in-law’s house and began killing. Nine were killed besides the suicide of the shooter.

And in Hamilton, Ohio, James Urban Ruppert woke up on Easter Sunday, 1975 and killed 11 members of his family. Ruppert is currently in state prison in Lima, Ohio.

Two things are common between the four murders…none of the shooters had a criminal record and each had easy access to firearms.

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