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  1. David Soto
    February 7, 2013

    That’s interesting since modern gun control started in the 1960’s with the intent to disarm minorities. How about the gun deaths that saved families from home break ins or prevented the rape of a woman. I don’t know why they would include suicide in this statistic. If your going to kill yourself a knife or a razor is just as effective and is everyone’s kitchen or bathroom. Maybe the government will force us all live on pudding and tell us we don’t need metal knives anymore. Demonizing guns and clicking your heels together won’t make guns go away. It’s a constitutional right guaranteed to all. What we have in America is a cultural problem. We lack community. We live in this instant gratification, ME first society. We have a government with a tyrannical, war mongering tradition. They ask our children to participate for the promise of a free college education which is really appealing considering college is the cost of a brand new car every single year! We use to have doctors who new you by name and your family. Now we have glorified pharmaceutical drug peddlers. They have a pill for EVERYTHING! Go in for a check-up and come out with depression and a prescription for Paxil, Prozac or Zoloft. You’d think the depression wouldn’t start until you got the bill but why wait when you can preemptively strike. Be aware of greed, corporations and the government. They all have a very practiced apathy and don’t deserve our trust. We must end the war machine, limit corporate conglomerations and build an inclusive sense of community. Too long we’ve been in the dark.

  2. Moongrim
    January 20, 2013

    Perhaps the iconic figure of Death should drop his Scythe off in favor of a handgun?

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