Condoleezza Rice To GOP: Stop Turning Off Large Segments Of The Population

In an announcement on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday morning, Bob Schieffer introduced Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and said, “As of today, she is joining CBS News as a contributor.”  Dr. Rice has hit the ground running and she isn’t wasting any time giving her opinion.

Schieffer asked her if the Republican party has to diversify and broaden its appeal to minority populations.

“The Republican party certainly has to stop turning off large segments of the population,” Rice said. “It’s not a strategy to keep hoping that parts of the population don’t turn out. You’ve got to simply broaden.” (Source: Face the Nation transcript) 

OK, whoa. Did she just admit that she believes (as we who are sane liberals do) that the GOP’s best strategy for winning elections is hoping people “don’t turn out” to vote? I wonder if she also possibly feels (as we who are sane liberals do) that the GOP deliberately attempts to suppress voters? Hmmm…..

Good luck convincing the Republican Party to reach out to minorities, women, and gay people, Dr. Rice. But even she recognizes that the GOP  is way out of touch with reality and the American people.

“If you send messages that there are whole segments of the population that are not welcome, not only is it bad politics, but it’s bad policy because without immigration, robust immigration, we have the same sclerotic demographics of Japan and Europe. So the United States has the– the Republican Party has both a political and a policy problem.”

Rice considers immigration to be a big issue for the Republican party to overcome and pointed to a 2007 immigration bill that failed.

“Frankly, we sent some pretty bad signals around immigration. George W. Bush, John McCain, Jon Kyl, and Ted Kennedy had an immigration bill in 2007 and it failed. And I felt at that moment that that was the real missed opportunity. We’ve got to get comprehensive immigration reform back on the agenda.” (Source: Face the Nation transcript) 

She praised Marco Rubio, Florida’s junior senator and of Cuban descent, who approaches immigration reform in a pragmatic way. Rice also made it clear that many of the GOP’s platforms, such as fiscal values, defense, federalism, and individual responsibility, are“widely popular among the American people.” (Source: Face the Nation transcript) 

“There are some Republicans like Marco Rubio and others who are speaking out about this because the Republican Party has to demonstrate that it has broad appeal. And I think on some of the core values, the notion of fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, individual responsibility, yes, federalism. That there are things that the states ought to do that the federal government can’t do. I think those are widely popular among the American people.” (Source: Face the Nation transcript) 

Condoleezza Rice served as National Security Adviser during George W. Bush’s first term, and Secretary of State in his second term. Watch the entire Face the Nation Sunday program on CBS News.


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