Las Vegas Policeman Kills Family, Self


A call came in to Boulder City, Nevada emergency personnel on Monday morning at around 8:20: the man on the line told the dispatcher that he had shot his wife and child. He warned that he was armed, was planning to shoot himself and that he would fire upon any police officers who tried to stop him.

Photo: John Calvert, FOX5 Vegas

Photo: John Calvert, FOX5 Vegas

Boulder City police responded within moments to find the home on fire. The man appeared briefly in the doorway, and was ordered to relinquish his weapon. He refused, then went back inside and fulfilled his plan to shoot himself. The man is believed to have been a lieutenant on the Metropolitan Las Vegas police force, but the names of the victims have not been officially released.

Photo: Doug Johnson, FOX5 Vegas

Photo: Doug Johnson, FOX5 Vegas

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Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul said that three bodies were removed from the home once the fire was extinguished, one of which was a “little boy.” The adults were confirmed to be the homeowners; Clark County Assessor’s information lists a Hans P. Walters as the homeowner.

Walters is a 20-year veteran of the Metro Las Vegas police. Sheriff Doug Gillespie, the chief of Metro, was at the scene this morning and spoke briefly to reporters, saying that the call did come from the home of a Metro lieutenant, but he would not take questions.

Photo: John Calvert, FOX5 Vegas

Photo: John Calvert, FOX5 Vegas

Boulder City is a small town south of the sprawl of Las Vegas. It’s a quiet community that dates back to the building of the nearby Hoover dam. Nowadays it is considered a suburb of the larger city, where residents enjoy the tranquility, many working in Vegas proper.


Neighbors–who were evacuated briefly–are rattled. Ted Kobacevich, who lives a block from the scene, told reporters:

“You know, it’s quiet here. We live here for a reason, and the reason is to avoid things like this.”

Since Boulder City is so small and, usually, quiet, Henderson Police take the lead in crimes such as this. Sheriff Gillespie, who is asking the public to suspend judgement until the investigation is complete, has pledged the assistance of his force as well.

As a former resident of Las Vegas and acquaintance of many Metro officers, my thoughts and prayers go out to those on the force.

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