Obama’s Second Inauguration Comes At A Fitting Time In Date And In History


I know I never thought I would live to see the day when our first African-American President was inaugurated, not once, but TWICE, and yet here we are. I also never thought I’d see the day when the LGBT community got a nod at such a momentous event, and yet we did.

The inauguration is a star-studded event, including Award-winning star Beyonce singing the Star Spangled Banner. It has, thus far, been a dignified affair, as it should be. There was even a kids’ inaugural concert which Michelle, Sasha, and Malia Obama attended. That event was also star-studded, with acts like Usher and Katy Perry performing. The inauguration, still going on, is quite the event.

I am glad that, through all the racism, all the filibustering, all the fiscal cliff fears, and all the national division over things like gun control due to recent tragedies, that our 44th President and his family are taking their rightful positions at the top, in the most dignified of manners, as they should be.

Further, it is immensely touching that this is happening on the same day the nation honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as President Barack Obama would not be where he is without Dr. King’s contributions. President Obama took his official oath in a private ceremony, and the Obamas started their inaugural day off with a trip to church.

Well, Republicans, it happened, whether you wanted it to happen or not. It is happening as we speak. The inauguration is on, we are honoring this President as we have honored Presidents past, and expect that this time honored tradition will be left as it always has been; a solemn, dignified occasion in which our President takes his oath to serve the nation to the best of his ability.

Despite all the racism of the last four years, and my doubts that Barack Obama holding this office means that we are in a post-racial America, the event was nice, and fitting for the day of honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Well done.