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  1. Ronald Wall
    January 26, 2013

    Ironically, here in Arizona a day or two ago my household received a robo-call from some organization (maybe the TP or GOP?). The recorded male caller sounded almost hysterical and ranted on about Liberals and Progressives taking away our 2nd Amendment rights. He begged us to join with the Republicans to protect gun rights and stop the socialist programs of the Democrats (I kid you not). He also kept using the words, “Dear patriot.” It was a clear inference that if we were not Republicans, we were something other than a “patriot.”

    The call literally made me sick. Usually, I am not an alarmist but this is very alarming and America needs to take notice. People often bring up the image of Nazi Germany when ranting about some government policy, whether justified or not. Even the right-wing (I guess they think “National Socialist Party” is a left wing group).

    The truth is, the GOP and its radical right-wing is leading the way to make America a fascist country. Right now, they are not a majority, but the GOP is at this moment considering ways to grab the reins of power without having a majority of voters behind them. They have already successfully installed fascist politicians in the Senate and the House, McConnell is but one example. This is exactly how the Nazi party came to power in Germany. Like the Evangelicals, the Nazis also used religion as a political tool. Something the 1st amendment was intended to prevent.

    The alarm needs to be raised and real patriots need to get out and vote these fanatics out of power. It is our only hope.

  2. Moongrim
    January 23, 2013

    Obviously, Mr. McConnell has no shame. After all he filibustered his own legislation.

  3. Ronald Wall
    January 23, 2013

    It appears to me that this “Dear Patriot” letter is straight from the NRA lobby. This idiot McConnell or his campaign manager did not even try to put it in McConnell’s own words. But, I doubt that the right-wing gun nuts will take the time to think about that. They already agree that the reasonable people who believe in a “well regulated militia” are not patriots. As a liberal, progressive and a gun owner I find these types of appeals to be nothing short of sedition.

    • Ronald Wall
      January 23, 2013

      addictinginfo – why are my comments always awating moderation while facebook users have theirs posted immediately? I gave up on facebook a long time ago. I do not like their policies or the trival crap that is posted there all the time.

      • Matthew Desmond
        January 26, 2013

        Facebook is our primary commenting system. Sometimes it takes a while to get to the normal comments, but you shouldn’t have that issue again.

      • Ronald Wall
        January 26, 2013

        Thanks, Matthew. It appears the problem has been solved. I appreciate the response from AI.

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