Standard Right Wing Propaganda – Guns Aren’t Dangerous, Black Presidents Are!



I think the cutest thing about “LiberalLogic101” is the complete lack of thought that goes into the memes they produce. Take the one above. Seriously, take it and keep it. The sheer ignorance involved is impressive. It’s a source of wonder the creator can even figure out how to turn on a computer much less copy and paste a right-wing talking point.

Where to start? How about the background checks you -don’t- have to go through to get a gun? I can walk into a gun show and buy enough guns to start a war. Background checks required? Zero. Heck, NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg sent in undercover officers that flat-out told the dealers they couldn’t pass a background check. Didn’t stop the dealers for a second. Remember, the point of the background check is to stop people with mental health issues, people with criminal records, etc. in other words, people with a high risk of using weapons, from buying them.

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What an  awful idea! Tyranny!

I can also have someone buy a gun for me. This is called a straw purchase and there’s so little oversight it’s a crime in and of itself. In fact, the reality of the right-wing’s Fast and Furious conspiracy actually involved the ATF being forbidden from stopping massive straw purchases by 18-year-old morons who then handed the guns over to drug cartels. Do you understand? It’s LEGAL for an 18 to buy enough guns to level a small city with no questions asked. Yeah, those background checks sure are thorough!

The bottom line? 40% of all gun sales do not involve a background check. People on the TERRORIST WATCH LIST can buy guns. These are people that the right wing wet their pants over so much that civil liberties are trampled in the off-chance we might catch one of them watching al Jazeera. But, what the hell!, let’em buy all the guns they want! Where’s the harm?

I could go on but you get the idea.

Now, Obama’s background check? Yeah, I’m sure the President of the United States wasn’t thoroughly vetted by both his own party and the GOP doing opposition research. It’s completely believable that the Republican Governor of Hawaii, along with hundreds, if not thousands, of public officials, college professors, fellow students, neighbors, etc. are all in on the conspiracy to sneak a foreigner into the Oval Office.

But let’s pretend, for a second, that Obama WAS born in Kenya. Heck, let’s pretend he was born at the South Pole. Forget that! Let’s pretend he was born on the Moon! The absolute bottom line is that his mother was an American at the time of his birth. Therefore, according to the Constitution that imbeciles like LiberalLogic pretend to worship, Obama is an American. Period. Full Stop. End of. Anyone suggesting otherwise is simply a dirtbag racist who can’t stand the idea of a black man living in the White House.

As for Obama being “dangerous?” He totally is! He’s a mortal threat to the power structure that favors white conservative men. Under Obama’s leadership, the conservative mantra of “every man for himself” is crumbling. The economy is recovering without placing the entire burden on the poor and middle class. Women are more aware than ever that conservatism despises them. Minorities are flexing their demographic muscles. Angry old white men are losing their ill-gotten power at every turn.

Oh yeah, for white male conservative Christians, these are unsettling times. Their unearned privilege is evaporating right before their eyes and the idea of competing on a level playing field is terrifying. Now they’ll have to work as hard to get ahead as those “lazy” blacks and Mexicans they happily derided for decades.

Boo. Hoo. I feel so bad for them. Don’t you?