Devastated Rush Limbaugh: GOP Is In Cahoots With Dems On Benghazi Conspiracy (VIDEO)

A very sad Rush.

A very sad Rush; courtesy of FreedomBunker

Conservative entertainer Rush Limbaugh has reached a new level of desperation now that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton totally OWNED congressional Republicans. In Rush’s world, there is no way that the GOP could have been so inept at nailing Clinton down on Benghazi, so the circus that allowed her to come out of the Benghazi hearing shining was, “The Cleansing of Mrs. Clinton’s Record.” He has actually fabricated a scenario in his mind in which the GOP and Democrats have conspired together for decades to make Hillary Clinton the President of the United States.

From the transcript on Limbaugh’s website:

It was a puke fest. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It was right out of a banana republic. And I’ve seen it all. I mean, in my 62 short years I’ve seen a lot. I’ve never seen groveling, butt kissing, sucking up. I’ve never seen anything like Hillary Clinton’s appearance before a joint congressional committee on that Benghazi guy who went nuts over there in Libya.

It seems that poor Rush has lost hope and now has nowhere to turn.

You know what this was? This was perhaps, folks, one of the best illustrations of the whole concept that we’ve spoken here about (sic) on numerous occasions of the ruling class, the political class. It doesn’t matter what party, they’re all part of the ruling class, the political class in DC, and when the rubber hits the road, they all circle the wagons around each other. Well, the Republicans join in circling the wagons. The Democrats never do when it’s a Republican involved, but for the most part they do. They close ranks, and they protect one another because what they’re protecting is themselves.

He elaborated, saying that it’s all a part of everyone in Washington protecting the “ruling class.”

They’re protecting the ruling class, the political elites, and they’re maintaining the status quo.

Later in the show, he reiterated the GOP’s involvement in the cover-up.

Failures are rewarded because they are not going to let anything destroy the ideology. The ideology will survive and thrive and triumph. And that’s exactly what was going on here with both parties participating in it.

As the show carried on, Limbaugh’s desperation and delusions escalated and he called President Obama “the black.”

I mean, here [in the 2008 presidential election] we have by reputation, the smartest woman in the world. This is how Hillary was presented to us during the nineties after she had, you know, eaten the excrement sandwich of marrying Clinton and putting up with everything Clinton put her through, it was time for her to be rewarded. A presidential run in 2008. Then the black came along and it screwed everything up and everybody went for the black guy and they threw Hillary overboard. She did not get what she was promised, the presidency. She did not get what she was owed. So they’ve been doing everything they can to make all of it up to her ever since 2008.

Limbaugh says that the GOP is secretly on the side of the Democratic party in wanting to reward.

She was the smartest woman in the world. The only woman capable of putting together a national health care program and running it and administering it. The only person possibly equipped to do it, the smartest woman in the world. So what we had today, didn’t matter what party these senators were from, we’ve got a montage here to illustrate this coming up in due course.

He pointed out that the joint congressional committee heaped praise on Secretary Clinton for an hour and a half before getting to the topic at hand.

We had all of these senators praising her intelligence, praising her stamina, because she traveled all those million miles, and a lot of these senators said (imitating senators), “You know, people that have never done that, they don’t know what it takes. We do. We’ve made those trips, Mrs. Clinton, and we understand just how tough you are,” Limbaugh said, and later “They praised her competence, her brilliance, her beauty, her compassion, her caring, her concern, her glasses, her wardrobe, her qualifications, her love of country, her devotion to ambassadors. They made a point to say that her devotion to the ambassadors is personal, it’s not just professional. She loves every one of them, and she’s cried over every one of them.”

Limbaugh suggested that it was all set up for the “cleansing of Mrs. Clinton’s record.”

So what was happening here was the cleansing of Mrs. Clinton’s record in advance of her presidential run in 2016, setting her up. Folks, this was banana republic kind of stuff. You talk about two different worlds in isolation. The ruling class, the political class, existing within its own borders, and its own world, and its own set of rules and taking care of each other and making sure that everything is fine. This is a perfunctory hearing. We had to get it out of the way, waiting for Mrs. Clinton to testify.

But according to Limbaugh, this has been staged for a long time, dating, in fact, to Clinton’s college years at “Yale and Harvard and Columbia and Wellesley or wherever else these people go.”

You go back to the days of her youth with Clinton. They’re both at Yale and Harvard and Columbia and Wellesley or wherever else these people go, and, you know, she’s in the library and a bookworm and Clinton can have his pick of women, picks Hillary. And what does he do? Takes her to Arkansas. That’s part of the south, you know, where Lincoln didn’t finish the job. That’s where all the pro-lifers are, all the gun nuts, the bitter clingers, and Hillary moved there. It’s so beneath her. She went to Arkansas because at that point it was all about Bill Clinton. Everything was about Clinton, him becoming president.

It was all a part of the plot to get Bill Clinton to the Oval Office, of course.

She violated every tenet of feminism. She blew it all off and married Clinton. She went down there to the Rose Law Firm and Clinton making 25 grand as governor. She had to be the breadwinner in addition to everything else that she had to do, and they had to do all this in Arkansas.

With Hillary staged to be president in 2008, the Democratic party, in the world of Rush’s mind, got caught off guard and had to play a different card when Barack Obama materialized out of nowhere.

So the Democrats said, “What would we rather have, a woman candidate or a black young guy?” And they said we’re gonna make hay, we nominate the black guy young guy, and so all the promises made to Hillary, they pulled the rug out from under her.

And the proof of this grand scheme is:

She racked up campaign debt like nobody’s ever racked up campaign debt, $25, $30 million of campaign debt. Do you realize just this week her campaign debt was paid off? Do you think there’s any coincidence in the fact that her campaign debt was paid off and her appearance before the joint committee today to talk about the guy in Benghazi? I don’t. I don’t think there’s any coincidence at all.

It seems that Limbaugh actually thinks that we may actually change the Constitution to allow for a King Obama.

Hillary is waiting to be president, but it all depends on whether Obama will abdicate the throne. Will he leave the Oval Office in 2016? We can’t know until 2016 arrives.

And this is where Limbaugh’s long-time love affair with the GOP ends.

Party affiliation did not matter. We’re always hoping at hearings like this that somebody on our side is gonna stand up and give the Democrats what-for, somebody is gonna stand up and nail ’em to the cross or whatever, ask the tough questions, get to the bottom of it just as the Democrats do with our judicial nominees or anybody in our party who falls in the crosshairs.

We keep waiting for it, and it never happens. They never do it. Republicans never do it, half because they don’t think what the Democrats did was so bad in the first place, and the other, they don’t want to call any attention to themselves for being like the Democrats on spending and that kind of stuff.

Rush Limbaugh can’t handle the reality that there is no Benghazi scandal. He can’t handle the fact that the GOP let him down. All of these years of worshiping the Republican Party were in vain. The image is still in my mind of his giddiness and delight as he squirmed and cried and rubbed his hands together during a surprise “Happy Birthday” call from President George W. Bush (see video below).


He really believed that President Bush appreciated his “support and contribution” and “really cared for him.” Simply put, Rush Limbaugh is a little boy who was shocked into growing up this week when he realized that grown-ups aren’t really to be trusted.

To hear Limbaugh’s diatribe, watch the video below, or read the transcript on his website.



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