The David Pakman Show – Progressive Host David Pakman Featured as Gay Teen Who Killed Himself In LGBT Documentary (VIDEO)

David Pakman

In a bizarre twist, David Pakman discovers a video called “A Documentary On Bullying And Suicide In Minnesota Schools” made by a group called Minnesota Nice, in which he is included as one of the gay teens who committed suicide. He incredulously explains that the included picture is of him when he was in his twenties, he’s not gay, and he – obviously – has not commit suicide. Here’s the image from the documentary:

Screenshot of young Pakman from video.

Screenshot of young Pakman from video.

As David says: “What the hell is going on?” Expressing how “surreal” it is to see oneself featured in a video about suicide, he goes on to request that anyone who has information about it to let him know:

See video:


The YouTube page with the documentary video has some interesting comments related to David’s inclusion. To see the full original video (go to 4:10 and watch from there):

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