John Boehner: ‘Fundamental Goals’ Of Congress About Abortion, Not Economy (VIDEO)

boehner_gavel_apOn Friday, hundreds of thousands of protesters took the the streets in D.C. to be a part of the March for Life, an anti-abortion protest. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) used the opportunity to address the crowd at the National Mall via video broadcast and to share his goal to “help make abortion a relic of the past.”

He called for “pro-life” activists to:

“Commit ourselves to doing everything we can to protect the sanctity of life.”

Boehner is an advocate of the the Hyde Amendment, which prevents federal dollars from being used to pay for abortions except in cases of rape or incest (and of course the GOP tried to remove even those exceptions last year).

“For the new Congress, that means bringing together a bipartisan pro-life majority and getting to work,” Boehner said. “In accordance with the will of the people, we will again work to pass the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, formally codifying the Hyde Amendment.”

The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, if passed, would also deny tax credits to businesses that offer health insurance plans that that cover abortion care. It would also disallow women from using their own money that they have put in pre-tax healthcare savings accounts for abortion coverage. (Huffington Post)

Boehner asserted that he will personally “help make abortion a relic of the past” and make abortion “one of our most fundamental goals this year.”

Boehner was joined by several of his GOP cronies, including Representative Diane Black (R-Tennessee), who was happy to pontificate and brag about discuss a bill that she has introduced that would strip Title X family planning funds from Planned Parenthood. The organization has suffered a long legal battle and GOP attack against the entire organization, including clinics and areas that do not provide abortion services. And of course, Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), who is always eager to force himself into the limelight, was on hand at the event to deliver a specially prepared sermon that called for a “spiritual cleansing.”

“Our nation is adrift, adrift in a wilderness where right and wrong have become subservient to a hedonism of the moment,” Paul said. “I believe our country is in need of a spiritual cleansing.” Paul said. “We much preach a gospel so full of compassion, a gospel so full of justice that it cannot be resisted. Then and only then will the law again protect the innocent.” (Huffington Post)

Here’s the video:

Adding to the religious theme of the day, Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of millions of poverty-stricken Catholics who can’t afford to feed their children, even tweeted his support.

The March for Life participants were a diverse group that included all ages and people from across the country. Many parents exhibited what could arguably be called child endangerment because they showed up with their (unwilling I’m sure) infants and toddlers to brave the 20 degree weather. Many even had protest signs strapped to strollers.

I was eager to write this article because I shared a graphic on my Facebook last night that included a well-known quote from actor John Fugelsang:

“Only in America can you be Pro-Death Penalty, Pro-War, Pro-Unmanned Drone Bombs, Pro-Nuclear Weapons, Pro-Guns, Pro-Torture, Pro-Land Mines, AND still call yourself ‘Pro-Life.”

My posting sparked a heated debate with 185 comments (chime in and help a girl out, will you?).

The plain truth is that Fugelsang is right. If you support most or all of those things, you aren’t pro-life. Stop calling yourself pro-life. It’s insulting to people like me and my liberal friends who truly do cherish life and fight every day for the quality of life of people who are already alive and walking around.

I’ll toss up the applicable liberal talking points:

You don’t care about the babies after they’re born. You don’t care if their mothers can feed them. You don’t care if they live a life of poverty. You don’t care if they are sick and can’t seek healthcare. You don’t care if they’re educated. And you dang sure don’t care about them when these children who are born and raised without resources grow into adults without resources.

You are not pro-life. You are anti-abortion. Period. As a liberal American, I support your right to your opinion. But call yourself what you are.

Watch Boehner’s message below:

Here’s the video:


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