Fox Sunday – GOP Senator Smacks Fox For Blaming Hillary For Benghazi, Discussion Of Women In Combat


I must say that, despite my general dislike for anything on Fox News, that I genuinely enjoyed the discussions this morning. First, a GOP Senator gave a verbal smackdown to the network for its blaming of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the misleading conversations surrounding the Benghazi attacks. Here are the harsh words of Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, explaining that it is Susan Rice, not Hillary Clinton, who is to blame for the deceptive conversations and news regarding these attacks:

The deception around the Benghazi issue did not come from the State Department, and no doubt emanated from Susan Rice on this program and others, on that Sunday morning.

And, after Wallace said that Susan Rice did not do it alone:

It was more of a White House political operative deception that was carried out. Not from the State Department. I do think that Senator Johnson and Secretary Clinton were talking past each other. I understand the point she was making. Certainly, I understand the emotions of the American people who feel like they have been misled and, in fact, Americans were misled in the beginning about what happened around the Benghazi attack.

Chris Wallace does tend to be more reasonable than most Fox reporters, but it doesn’t stop me from being happy that one of the GOP’s own delivered this message telling the network what the truth is, especially since they so often have so much trouble with it. I really feel a surge of hope when people on the other side show some form of reasonable discourse and honesty instead of the usual talking points.

The other discussion today, was, of course, the fact that Leon Panetta has lifted the ban on women in combat. This is going to be a hot topic, and I am sure before it is all said and done, there will be plenty of misogyny to go around. However, Chris Wallace is not one of the people who will be dishing out said misogyny, it seems. He had two retired military personnel, Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin and Colonel Martha McSally, both leaders and pioneers in their own right, on his show this morning. Wallace borderline defended McSally, and gave her a chance to tell Boykin why she thought he was wrong about women being in combat. There were, of course, the age-old mentions of physical limitations, rugged living conditions, lack of privacy, and, of course, sexual distractions.

Colonel McSally, being the first woman to fly in combat, obviously had harsh words for a man who doesn’t think women belong in combat situations due to these reasons.

Let me just say I realize flying combat aircraft and being on the ground in combat are two very different missions. However, the same flawed arguments were used against allowing women to fly in combat and now allowing them to be on ground combat, like what General Boykin has said.

These are flawed arguments the battle line is we need to treat people like individuals. What are the capabilities they bring to the fight? Which includes physical strength, plus courage, plus aptitude, plus leadership and, all the other things we need to have the most effective fighting force.

So, we are a country that sets standards and then allows people to compete as individuals and if they bring the better soldier to the fight, then women should be able to compete on equal ground. I’m not talking about changing standards; I’m talking about allowing people to be considered for what they bring to the fight.

I have to agree with her. Let people win-or not win- their positions based upon their own merits, not gender or anything else. Everyone gets a fair shake. It’s 2013 for crying out loud. We need to realize that we cannot restrict people from achieving their highest aspirations based upon superficial characteristics. Yes, that includes the military as well.

You may read the entire transcript here, courtesy of Fox News.

All in all, I have had fun watching Fox today, since it wasn’t as insane as it often is, because the show I chose to watch is hosted by someone reasonable. I’ll continue to watch so you don’t have to.