Colorado Politician Backs Out Of Promise To Smoke Pot (VIDEO)


Tom Tancredo, former Republican congressman from Colorado has backed out on his pledge to smoke a marijuana cigarette in public if Amendment 64 passed. Tancredo supported the amendment, saying that the amount of money wasted on prohibition is ridiculous. That does fit in with his conservative, small-government stance and other supporters of the amendment were happy to welcome his endorsement.

When independent film maker Adam Hartle was making his documentary on Amendment 64, he interviewed Tancredo. In the promotional trailer, posted on the arts funding site Indiegogo, Hartle asks Tancredo:

“True or false, when Amendment 64 passes and marijuana is legal, the next time I’m out in Colorado, we’re going to smoke a joint together.”

Tancredo, looking a bit surprised, answers, “Deal.” You can witness it for yourself here:

But, though the amendment passed and the recreational use of marijuana is now legal for adults in Colorado, Tancredo has wimped out. He sent an email to Denver NBC affiliate 9 News citing his family’s reaction as his excuse.

“I am especially concerned that the publicity may cause my grandkids to have to justify my actions to their peers and afraid that no matter how many times I say I am NOT condoning the use of marijuana, that that message will not get through. My grandchildren are extremely precious to me and I would never want to do anything that puts them in a difficult situation.”

Film maker Hartle found himself disappointed in Tancredo’s welching, telling the Huffington Post via email that he tried to talk to Tancredo and get him to honor his bet but had no luck.

“I’m disappointed that Congressman Tancredo is going against his word, but I’m even more saddened by the way he did it. Since filming our scene together 3 months ago Congressman Tancredo and I have been in touch at least 50 times via phone calls, texts, emails, etc. He was the first person in the cast that I showed the trailer to, and he loved it… so for me to find out about this through the media and not receive a phone call first shows a lack of respect for the film, this movement, and our friendship especially after releasing a statement recently publicly supporting him on this issue.”

Giving in to political pressure and familial pressure, Tancredo displays one reason why people don’t trust politicians. They lie, telling voters what they think they want to hear. But when it comes time to carry through on that promise they weasel out of it. Blaming peer pressure is one thing but blaming your grandkids? That’s pretty low.

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