Nevada Republican Arrested For Voter Fraud, After Proving ‘How Easy It Is’ (VIDEO)

Rosanne Rubin

Photo from a screen capture of The Huffington Post‘s video.

Like so many Republican voters who believe way too much of what they hear on Faux News and talk radio, Roxanne Rubin was absolutely convinced that America has a serious voter fraud problem. Unlike most of the loudmouths from the right, the 56-year-old casino worker put this erroneous notion to the test by actually voting twice — first at her home polling place in Henderson, NV, and then a second time near her workplace in Las Vegas. When the Vegas poll worker searched the database, discovered Rubin had already voted, and then filed a complaint, Rubin quickly and unpleasantly discovered how wrong she was. Matt DeLucia from KSLA Channel 12 reported that a couple days later — on November 3rd — Nevada’s Elections Integrity Task Force agents quickly arrived to arrest this budding new social scientist, and book her into the Clark County Detention Center. Apparently, the old adage about voting “early and often” doesn’t hold water in the deserts of Nevada.

Roxanne Rubin being arrested.

Rubin does the perp walk. Photo from Democratic Underground.

News Flash!NEWS FLASH! Voter fraud is neither common, nor easy. It’s also a Category D Felony in the State of Nevada — along with involuntary manslaughter, forgery, and third-degree arson — and carries a one-to-four year prison sentence with possible fines up to $5,000. Nevada Secretary of State Ross Millar told reporters, “First, is that as we’ve said and demonstrated in the past, we take all elections complaints very seriously and investigate them thoroughly. Second, this demonstrates the integrity of the system.”

Rubin’s lawyer claimed that “she had zero intention of voting twice” and attempted to vote a second time just to prove her point — that voters should be required to show photo identification. But the court wasn’t buying it. Luckily for Rubin, she got off lightly, according to Francis McCabe from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Last Thursday, America’s election fraud guinea pig accepted a deal from state prosecutors and plead guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge. Instead of serving jail time, she will pay $2,481 for investigation costs, do 100 hours of community service work, take a mandatory “impulse control class,” and “promise to stay out of trouble.”

G-Force movie poster with guinea pigs: The world needs bigger heroes.

With Rubin as our election fraud guinea pigs, who needs bigger heroes?

Alas, Rubin still seems intent on stirring things up. Luke Johnson from HuffPo Live reported today that our one-woman G-Force told reporters “If we’re showing ID for everything else, why wouldn’t we show our ID in order to vote?”

You see, conservatives have an amazing ability to staunchly hold onto their beliefs regardless of any incoming facts to the contrary. Never mind that the GOP only tries to implement photo ID and other onerous requirements to keep minorities, students, seniors, and other likely Democrats from voting. Never mind that a senior Republican strategist has ADMITTED that voter fraud “doesn’t really exist,” and that Florida Republicans have also FLAT-OUT ADMITTED that voter suppression was the real goal for new election laws. No wonder only six percent of scientists are registered to vote as Republicans, and GOP representative Paul Broun once insisted that science is “all lies from the pit of Hell!”

Alas, who can blame Republicans for rejecting reality, when facts so frequently have a known liberal bias?

In case you missed it, here’s the November 3rd video report by Justin Yurkanin for the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

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