On The Same Day The Boy Scouts Consider Allowing Gays, We Learn They Banned Troop From Allowing Gays

boy_scouts_gay_ban_mediumIt appears as if the attempts by the Boy Scouts of America to shed its homophobic image may be experiencing a bit of a stutter step. It is being reported via The Contributor that a Cub Scout pack based out of Cloverly, MD, is getting a bit of a cold shoulder from their National Capitol Area Council (NCAC) after they posted a non-discrimination statement that basically set a precedent by claiming the pack “will not discriminate against any individual or family based on race, religion, national origin, ability or sexual orientation.”

The NCAC apparently at first said they would allow the posting of statement based on the packs right to freedom of speech and then had a change of mind and “Now they are doing a 180 and basically asking us to either conform to BSA’s discriminatory policy or get out,” according to Theresa Phillips, the committee chair of Pack 442.

The thing that makes this all so very interesting is that while I was constructing this story news broke that the BSA may be considering a major shift in their anti-gay stance. What a difference a few hours makes.

The Scouts have long carried the anti-gay banner and have several times in the past few years threatened other packs that attempted to open their doors to diversity.

NBCnews.com contacted the NCAC about this specific incident in Maryland and spokesman Les Baron, Scout Executive of NCAC commented “The policy of the Boy Scouts are what they are and my job is to not bring into [it] my own personal feelings, and all I am trying to do is maintain the quality and integrity of the Boy Scouts of America and its policies,”

Seems like maybe the “quality and integrity” of those polices may be about to change, and it’s about time. I suspect the battle is far from over though.