Hannity Insanity: Fox Is ‘Only Media Organization On This Planet That Has Delivered Fair And Balanced Coverage’


Coming to you live from an alternate reality.

It’s finally happened: Sean Hannity of Fox News has gone completely insane. On Monday’s edition of Bullshit By The Ton The Sean Hannity Show, Hannity took issue with President Obama correctly pointing out that Republicans are being held hostage to the conservative entertainment complex. Even the semi-responsible members of the Republican caucus (the few that are left) are afraid to govern because governing means compromise. Why is this a problem? Because the CEC has pronounced any and all compromise as a total and complete betrayal of “conservative values,” tantamount to treason. This is why the Tea Party has been emboldened to primary any Republican that does not swear a blood oath calling for the death of Obama.

OK, that’s a slight exaggeration. Then again, look at how Chris Christie was attacked for working with Obama when part of his state was devastated by superstorm Sandy, so maybe not that much of an exaggeration, after all.

During a two-minute opening to the segment in which he makes his ludicrous claim, Hannity used the following words and phrases to describe President Obama: liberal, left wing, all out assault on the 2nd Amendment and the rights of law abiding Americans, trampling on your rights, What’s his next target? The First Amendment,  The Anointed One, failed on the economy, failed to create jobs, failed to reign in radical extremism abroad. And then he finished up with this gem:

Sorry, Mr. President. We’re going to continue, on this program, to do our part to save America from your radical agenda.

Here’s the video. I could only watch the first two minutes before I reached my bullshit tolerance for the month:

Well, at least he admits Obama actually is the president. Sometimes I wonder if the right wing bubble is so thick that some conservatives still think Mitt Romney won the election.

Let’s take a second to bring Hannity back to the real world:

  • Obama IS a liberal but only a center left one (more center than left). It’s only in comparison to the current extremes of the GOP that he seems to be a wild-eyed lefty. He’s actually to the right of Ronald Reagan in some respects.
  • An all out assault on the Second Amendment would be a banning of all guns or a flat out repeal. Asking for enforcement of current laws and the banning of future sales of weapons and accessories specifically designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time possible is not radical in the slightest. Insisting that kindergarten teachers be armed, on the other hand, is the ravings of a madman. Or a shill for the gun industry.
  • As soon as Sean Hannity can tell me what rights he had on January 19, 2009 (the day before Obama’s first inauguration) that he no longer has, I’ll take him seriously that Obama has trampled his rights.
  • “The Anointed One?” Yeah, Sean, I can see you’re not letting your bias seep through at all…
  • Economy? Wall Street profits are at an all time high. The rich are richer than ever.
  • Jobs? I thought Wall Street and the rich having more money would solve this problem? Unless Sean wants to admit that the trickle-down “job creator” nonsense he’s been peddling for years is a big fat lie, perhaps he should stop talking about jobs.
  • Radical extremism abroad? Obama has killed more known leaders of al Qaeda in 4 years than Bush did in 7. Also? Obama Got Osama.

Fair and balanced? No one in their right mind could say that with a straight face and believe it. Unless, of course, they’re being paid a whole lot of money to lie to the highly gullible and easily frightened.

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