Standard Right Wing Propaganda: The Second Amendment Is Absolute! MOAR GUNZ!



Oh. My. God. This is it! THIS is the airtight argument that Second Amendment absolutists suffering from penis envy should be allowed to own whatever gun they want! Those damn hypocrites that keep saying the Founding Fathers only meant for unlimited ownership of muskets can’t beat this one!

HAH! Now give me MOAR GUNZ! I won’t feel manly “free” “safe” until I have a dozen assault rifles!

But wait a second, is the First Amendment absolute? Is there unlimited free speech on TV, radio, the internet and print?

Well, no. There isn’t and you’d have to be some kind of imbecile to make this comparison. But, as always (ALWAYS) right wing propaganda sounds good until you take a second to think about it (something right wingers are notoriously bad at).

For instance, television is incredibly restricted. The FCC hands out numerous fines a year for obscenity violations. Nudity is still mostly taboo and forget about the word “fuck.” Apparently, it’s OK for Alyson Hannigan to strip, though. At least, according to The Onion.

Radio is also heavily regulated. No cursing allowed. Ever listen to Eminem on the radio? Every other word is muted. It’s like playing Mad Libs with a song. Even AM Hate Radio has to walk a thin line between generating outrage and actually inciting violence against whatever minority group they’ve been directed to attack that day.

The internet is the most “free” of all the media but guess what? Still not completely unfettered! Child porn is illegal. Snuff clips are illegal. Inciting violence in a YouTube video can get you arrested.

Clearly, this gun nut argument is deeply flawed (shocking). The real point of this meme is to deflect attention away from the ridiculous claim that the “original intent” of the Framers was unlimited gun ownership. The “original intent” could not have possibly taken into consideration the invention of a gun capable of slaughtering a roomful of children in a few minutes. Gun nuts don’t want to talk about that so we get the kind of shallow stupidity you see above.

The truth is, there is no such thing as an unfettered constitutional right. Even worse for gun nuts, the word “regulated” is right there in the Second Amendment:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

We can regulate guns all we want as long as we don’t ban them outright (that actually would be unconstitutional). We already ban plenty of different types of “arms” and no reasonable person not in the pay of the gun industry would oppose those bans. You cannot own a fully automatic machine gun. You cannot own a rocket launcher. You cannot own a plastic gun that can beat a metal detector. You cannot own Teflon coated cop killer bullets. The Second Amendment is not unfettered.

The small number of people who demand the right to own assault rifles and extended clips and armor piercing bullets do not do so out of a desire for “freedom;” they do so because they’ve turned guns into a perverse sexual fetish and they’ll grab on to any excuse to defend their penis extensions. Even over the bodies of tens of thousands of their fellow citizens.

But, you know, FREEDOM!

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