Michele Bachmann’s Racism And Bigotry Supported By PolitiChicks (VIDEO)

Ann-Marie Murrell and Michele Bachmann gal-pal it up at PolitiChicks @ PolitiChicks

Ann-Marie Murrell and Michele Bachmann gal-pal it up at PolitiChicks @ PolitiChicks

Earlier this month, I wrote an article about the petition that was submitted to Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) on January 14th by People for the American Way (PFAW), a liberal advocacy group. The petition called for Representative Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minnesota) removal from her appointment to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence:

178,000 people have signed a petition saying that she’s not worthy to serve on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Well, duh. We all know that. Her fellow Republicans know that. Her former campaign staff knows that. But apparently House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) didn’t get the memo reminding him that he knows that“I think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous,” said Speaker Boehner last summer, during the peak of her insane attack on Muslims. Boehner also seems to have forgotten that even her colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee and other party leaders distanced themselves from her because of her irrational behavior and embarrassing accusations. (Addicting Info)

The group initially petitioned last year without success to have her removed from the committee, and when Boehner re-appointed her this year, PFAW was outraged (most of us were) and revived the petition to protest the re-appointment.

Why are they so against poor little Michele? Because she’s paranoid, racist, and out of control. This all stems from what Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), a practicing Muslim, termed a ”McCarthyistic witch hunt.” Last year, Bachmann lashed out against  Muslim members of President Obama’s administration, suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated Congress. She requested that inspectors general from the departments of State, Homeland Security, Defense, and Justice investigate potential “policies and activities that appear to be the result of influence operations conducted by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.” (Source)

As noted above, her efforts were denounced by people from both political parties.

PFAW’s statement:

In service to ugly Islamophobic fear mongering, Rep. Michele Bachmann continues unabated in her unfounded and irresponsible attacks on dedicated public servants — a witch hunt that has targeted Huma Abedin, a key aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and now includes allegations that President Obama may be aiding the rise of global Sharia law.

Conspiracy theories and religious McCarthyism should have no place in our government, especially in the House Intelligence Committee, on which Rep. Bachmann sits.

Please remove Rep. Bachmann from her seat on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence immediately. Members of the House Intelligence Committee are entrusted with classified information that affects the safety and security of all Americans. That information should not be in the hands of anyone with such a disregard for honesty, misunderstanding of national security, and lack of respect for his or her fellow public servants.  (People for the American Way)

You can read all of the (very) ugly back-story as written by one of my writing colleagues, T.Steeman, who reported a couple of weeks ago that Bachmann had found a staunch defender in Frank Gaffney, a right-wing radio host. Well, I’ve found another. Yes, there really are at least two people who find Bachmann’s behavior acceptable. And now, FrontPageMag has pulled together a counter-petition to protect Bachmann.

Ann-Marie Murrell of Politichicks reported that she had the “honor” of interviewing Bachmann last year at the congresswoman’s office in D.C. At that time, Bachmann fed Murrell a pity story about the character assassination that she was suffering.

After the cameras were off, Rep. Bachmann opened up to my crew and me about her then upcoming plans to help bring to light the threat of Islam in America. She was working with our PolitiChick friend Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy, so we all knew that anything brought to light by Rep. Bachmann was coming from a legitimate, credible source. (PolitiChicks)

I guess Bachmann’s character is the only one that matters, since she did everything in her power to smear the reputations of many loyal public employees with slander that was based on nothing but their religion. Most notably, Huma Abedin, a high-level aid to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was specifically accused by Bachmann.

Well now, Murrell has come to Bachmann’s rescue. Murrell even cited Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) statement that condemns the kind of bigotry that Bachmann promotes.

One year later, Rep. Bachmann is being brutally attacked not only by the left but also from people supposedly on “our side,” including John McCain. The reason is because Rep. Bachmann and four other Congressmen dared to suggest, among other things, that State Department official Huma Abedin (aka Anthony Weiner’s wife) should be investigated for possibly being a leg of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Murrell clearly doesn’t stay on top of the news, because McCain’s statement was made in July. I’m quite sure his opinion hasn’t changed, though. “Radical group” PFAW’s petition seemed to surprise Murrell.

Currently a radical group has given Speaker Boehner a petition with 178,000 signatures demanding the removal of Congresswoman Bachmann from the House Permanent Select Committee.  To counter this, the David Horowitz Freedom Center has created a petition in support of Rep. Bachmann, which we at PolitiChicks.tv strongly endorse.

Does PolitiChicks also endorse Bachmann’s failure to pay her staff, the fraud investigation that is underway regarding stolen email addresses, or the “unnatural relationship” that she had with one of her staff?

You can watch the full interview below. Be sure and pay close attention a little after 13:40 when Bachmann said that people can draw their own conclusions. Murrell, who was wearing a skirt that would make her pastor blush, looked into the camera and whispered dramatically “I’ve got mine.” This statement demonstrates to me that Murrell and PolitiChicks support Bachmann in her racism and bigotry and, therefore, promote racism and bigotry. I’ll be letting them know my opinion via their Facebook and Twitter.

See video:



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