10 Things To Watch Other Than The Super Bowl

Image from Digital Trends

Image from Digital Trends

Are you already sick of all the hype over the Super Bowl? It seems that every year it gets more and more drawn out. There’s a bit more of a sneak peak of the commercials, and there’s talk of whether or not there’s going to be a wardrobe malfunction during the half time show. Whether or not people want to admit it, there are great number of people who really don’t like watching the Super Bowl. In fact, one third don’t watch it for the game, but instead watch the commercials. So if you’re among the many who have had it with the hype, here are some alternatives.

Sitcom Marathons

1. Golden Girls: Turn to the Hallmark Channel for 18 hours of the antics of Betty White, Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan. Scheduled for 9AM to 3AM EST

2. Roseanne: TV Land is showing no less than 10 hours of America’s favorite Midwest wife and mother, Roseanne Conner. Scheduled for 6AM to Noon and 5PM to 9PM EST

A Taste of the Brit – BBC shows

3. Downton Abbey: It’s a mix of British aristocracy and their staff set in the early 20th Century. Watch Lord Grantham and Lady Cora deal with the crumbling of their world while the servants battle it out for power downstairs. Scheduled for 9 PM EST; watch previous season 3 episodes on PBS.

4. Last of the Summer Wine: Watch the antics of three retired guys make the most of their days in the sleepy town of Yorkshire. Check out box sets from the video section of your local library or break down and sign up with an online service here.


5. Puppy Bowl: It’s the other Super Bowl game on Super Bowl Sunday. Tune to Animal Planet’s yearly favorite as cute puppies ramble around on a much smaller version of a football field. Scheduled for 3 PM to 3 AM EST.

6. Tanked: If you prefer animals of the aquatic kind, try Animal Planet’s reality show Tanked. Watch as two brothers create unique fish tanks for their clients, while at the same time poke fun and pull pranks on each other. Full episodes can be found here.

Science Fiction

7. Doctor Who: Watch this unique BBC series of a peculiar very human alien tackle other alien life forms, while at the same time travel through time in space in his blue police box. Choose from either the original series or the newer seasons. You may be able to find a box set at your local library or sign up online to watch full episodes here.

8. Fringe: This soon to be cult classic features three FBI agents who work with a slightly mad Harvard scientist to solve ‘fringe’ science events. The series recently wrapped up, but well worth watching again. Watch the last five episodes free on FOX here or sign up to one of the services to watch the whole series.

Reality Shows

9. Sister Wives: If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to live in a polygamous family, this is your chance to learn about this taboo type of marriage. You’ll be surprised to learn that the wives have the power in this family: Warren Jeffs is not welcome here. Full episodes can be found here.

10. My Big Redneck Vacation: This show is a mix of a couple of redneck families from America who agree to live the good life in an English manor house. Watch as both the British and Americans learn that they actually have a few things in common. Full episodes can be viewed on CMT here.

So there you have it. You’ve got a bit of culture, nature, science and comedy to fill your day. Who needs the Super Bowl?