Fox’s Chris Wallace Attacks Wayne LaPierre, Leaves Him Stuttering (VIDEO)

CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA) Wayne LaPierre probably regrets accepting the invitation to appear on this morning’s Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I think he was surprised and unprepared for the questions that Wallace posed.

Wallace wanted to talk about the NRA’s controversial ad that attacked President Obama’s children and created outrage among the right wing AND the left-wing. He asked LaPierre if he or the NRA regretted circulating the ad.

“It wasn’t picking on the president’s kids,” LaPierre insisted. “The president’s kids are safe, and we’re all thankful for it.”

Ha! The problem with people like LaPierre is that their lies are so automatic that they themselves believe their own lies.

Wallace was quick to point out that the ad actually mentioned the president’s children specifically. Actually, the only privileged children mentioned in the video WERE the president’s children. It was designed specifically to play to two key emotions that are prevalent with gun-nut right wingers: 1) fear of losing their guns, and 2) and jealousy of the “elite.” And well…perhaps more specifically, the right-wing’s own brand of outrage that a black man who doesn’t know his “place” is living in the White House and taxpayers are paying for the protection of his children (who also don’t know their place).

Wallace pointed out that “They [the president’s children ] also face a threat that most children do not face.”

LaPierre threw up an argument that I’m afraid will become way overused in the years to come. “Tell that to the people in Newtown, tell that to the people in….”

Wallace interrupted with:

“Do you really think the president’s children are the same kind of target as every school child in America? I think it’s ridiculous and you know it, sir.”

Whoa. He used the “R” word??? Yes, he did. But LaPierre continued to go as far away from the original question as possible, which was “did you or the NRA regret circulating the ad.”

“Unfortunately, I think there are parents all over the school that think…all over the country that think their kids are entitled to the same amount of protection when they go to school, and they want their kids…” LaPierre insisted.

Ummm, no Mr. LaPierre. I don’t think my children are entitled to the “same amount of protection” as President Obama’s children. No one has even once threatened their lives, whereas the Obama family receives threats daily. President Obama received approximately 43,830 death threats (30 per day) in his first four years in office. (Daily Kos)

Wallace interrupted LaPierre again, asking if all of these American schoolchildren should they have Secret Service. LaPierre replied that they should not have Secret Service, but rather police officers and certified armed security in schools because police arrival time is approximately 15-20 minutes. Wallace asked him how armed security in schools would help protect children at shopping malls, movie theaters, and on the street.

LaPierre, unable to stick to a single point as he tossed out one red herring after another, said that the gun violence problem really lies with gangs and felons with guns. Ahhh now we have answer. All of the other possible causes of gun violence can be put aside. That’s a relief!

But then I became confused as he pointed out the (completely unrelated) issue of gangs in D.C. who buy drugs and guns, and even jumped into the human trafficking problem. I was completely baffled by this and was searching my mind for an instance of highly publicized mass shootings that were committed by gangs who were buying drugs and shooting up people in schools and movie theaters while they were taking a break from their side job of human trafficking. Fortunately, Chris Wallace helped me out when he said simply “gangs don’t commit the mass murders.”

Whew. I was making it too complex. It really just was that simple.

Wallace tried to clarify if LaPierre was making personal armed security a “class argument” because in reality, only the rich and elite (and elected officials) have access to it. He said “they have bodyguards, they have security.”

“Sure Sure. Sure.” LaPierre stammered and pointed out, irrelevantly, that “Mayor Bloomberg [of New York City] has bodyguards.”

I seriously stopped trying to count the number of red herrings in today’s show.

LaPierre, who of course only has his mind on guns and can’t be bothered to think of anything else, feel right into Wallace’s ingenuously laid trap. That’s when Wallace delivered the whammy.

“I’ll tell you somebody else who has security,” Wallace said. “You do.”


LaPierre, completely caught off guard, turned red and began stuttering.

“Sometimes,” stammer stammer stammer. “We have….we’ve had a…there’s a…”

Wallace again interrupted him.

“On Capitol Hill you had security, today you have security.”

LaPierre continued his attempt to justify his own hypocrisy.

“Uh uh yeah, you talk about hypocrisy right out in the open, we’ve had all kinds of threats coming, ok…..”

Which President Obama and his family also have. You’re trapped, Mr. LaPierre. The fact is, I can’t afford an armed bodyguard for my children. I don’t personally know anyone who can. So for private citizens, it really is a “class argument.”

Wallace was focused, having prepared for the interview (unlike LaPierre).

“Does that make you an elite [as the president’s children we described in the ad]? An out of touch elite because you have security?”

And LaPierre, unable to defend himself in that argument, simply moves the topic off of himself.

“It’s ridiculous, Chris, for all the elites, for all that powerful and privileged and the titans industry to send their kids to schools where there’s armed security, to have access to semi-automatic technology, to have access to [high-capacity] magazines…”

Wallace (again) again interrupted and hit LaPierre’s argument square in the belly.

“My children went to the same school that the Obama children went to many years ago, there were no armed security there,” Wallace said. He continued with “This idea of an elite class is just nonsense, sir.”

LaPierre took the topic off of the elite, and put it back to Capitol Hill.

“Capitol Hill right now, they’re all protected by armed security with high-cap magazines, while they sit there and try to limit the average citizen to ten because they think that’s reasonable in their opinion,” LaPierre replied.

I can honestly say that I’ve never watched anything on Fox News that I’ve enjoyed more.

Enjoy his discomfort for yourself: