Glenn Beck Explains How He Tricks His Audience, To His Audience (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck has come to the point that it takes something extraordinary coming out of his mouth to be noteworthy. The continuing stream of deceit, lies, and conspiracy flowing out of his mouth has turned him into a pariah even among conspiracy theorists. Even venerable conspiracy nut Alex Jones is tired of Glenn Beck’s antics.

When Glenn Beck has a moment of clarity, a moment of unadulterated truth, it gives us all pause. What did he just say, we all might ask. He said the truth, explaining how he, and other conspiracy theorists take a kernel of the truth, pack it with lies, deception, and doubt, to generate their fortunes, milking money out of their audience.


How it works is simple-

  • Find a little bit of truth and present it to the audience
  • Suggest a possible conspiracy, exploiting questions about the truth
  • Add a few lies, distorting the truth – never quite getting rid of it
  • Sew distrust of news organizations while encouraging the lies.
  • Offer reinforcement of conspiracy, being a “friendly face” that is the only one to trust.

You can witness him saying this for yourself in this clip provided by Right Wing Watch:

Glenn Beck was doing this in order to explain how conspiracy theorists work, and how Satan would also use these same techniques to gather followers. What he may not have recognized consciously was that these are the same techniques he, and all other right-wing radio and video hosts use to gather their followers. From Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh, they all turn to these techniques to create a cult of personality around them, making their followers lose touch with the real world. This cycle can become deadly when a member of their audience goes too far.

Beck did not intend to reveal his secrets, and likely does not even realize that he did so. It is quite possible that he truly believes the lies and deception he sends out over the airwaves. But on a subconscious level, he knows that he is not telling the truth, and that his lies are hurting people. There once was a time that Glenn Beck was a funny on-air personality, using satire with funny sketches to poke fun at various topics. Now he has embraced the Alex Jones and Michael Savage model, to create and audience by terrifying them. A sad thing to witness from someone who would otherwise have been an inspirational story, a man who overcame his addictions and personal disability to find success in the world.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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