Karl Rove Focuses On Defeating The Tea Party


The ongoing Republican Civil War is turning particularly bloody. It is no longer a battle of ideologies, conservative vs liberal, it is only about the absolute and naked grab for power which those who have been paying attention had called it since the beginning. Karl Rove and his allies have now wheeled out their newest weapon in this attempt to wrest power out of the conservatives of the Tea Party, a new SuperPAC named the Conservative Victory Project. The project’s goal is simple, to run the candidate who can win, regardless of political ideology, who will then in turn push their corporatist agenda.

American Crossroads president Steven Law is directly operating this new organization. In an interview with the New York Times, Law was clear that his group was intentionally targeting those he, and those he is affiliated with, feel are not able to win. In the interview, it is clear that Law views any candidate associated with the Tea Party as fair game.

In the last election, the group of donors spent millions in their unsuccessful efforts to steal the election. They have a large pool of money, and are aiming to use it. Only now, instead of targeting general elections, it is going to primaries, to target, and eliminate the Tea Party on the national stage.

The Tea Party is aware of it. Tea Party affiliated sites such as World Net Daily and Breitbart are all viewing this move as a direct attack on the Tea Party. And they should. The established GOP wants their votes, but does not want their ideas. They have been eliminated from leadership positions, had their bills ignored, and effectively have been ostracized from the party.

Yet still, the Tea Party leadership refuses to accept reality, that they are not welcome in the Republican Party. They were a convenient method to get votes in 2010, but now that the GOP has gotten what they wanted, they have no intention of keeping them around. So long as the Tea Party stays with the Republican party, their movement will be nothing but puppets on Karl Rove’s strings.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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