The Curse Of The NRA Endorsement … Why Voters Are LESS Likely To Support Their Candidates

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SO … just how powerful IS the National Rifle Association these days? Their lobbyists still wield a lot of clout in Washington, but their influence appears to be waning with an increasing majority of American citizens. The NRA and its pro-gun supporters hoped we’d all forget about the Sandy Hook shootings and move on, like we’ve done after all the other horrific mass gun murders in the past. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to forget when those pesky news reporters keep ripping our heads out of the sand and kicking headlines about MORE shootings into our faces on an almost daily basis. As reported by my AI colleague McCallister, over 1000 people — including 108 children — have been shot and killed since the massacre in Newtown Connecticut. This tally doesn’t even include this week’s tragic incident in which a three-year-old accidentally shot himself in the head with a “cute” pink handgun that may have looked like a toy to him.

Things aren’t looking good for the NRA or for their candidates for public office.

A new, national poll from Public Policy Polling reveals that the NRA may choose to lie low during the next elections, because “more voters consider their endorsement to be a negative than a positive.” 39% say they’d be “less likely” to vote for an NRA-supported candidate, 32% are neutral, and a paltry 26% say they’d be “more likely” to vote for this hypothetical gun nut. An even higher 41% of much-coveted independent voters report that an NRA endorsement would “be a turn off.” This makes sense, considering that 53% of voters say they want tougher gun safety laws, and 51% support a ban on assault weapons (including 26% of Republicans). Although PPP skews slightly leftwards, a highly regarded study by Fordham University ranked them first for accuracy, out of 28 organizations, in 2012.

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You mean you’d be less likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by THIS guy? Photo of high-profile NRA member Ted Nugent from Sodahead.Com.

PPP also has bad news for the GOP and various items on its agenda:

  • Throw the bums out: 68% of voters disapprove of the idiot Republicans in congress, and only a measly 22% approve. And these numbers are a vast IMPROVEMENT over last month’s numbers, in which a whopping 75% scorned House Republicans and only 15% approved. Could this positive change be because they actually raised the debt ceiling instead of destroying our economy again?
  • Too close for comfort: Americans are “closely divided” on President Barack Obama, with 49% approving and 48% disapproving.The GOP would greatly prefer a wider spread in their favor. The poll doesn’t even specify whether some of this 48% disapprove because they want Obama to push a more liberal agenda — which would be worse news for our right wing friends.
  • Chuck Who?: 39% of voters want Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense, 33% want him rejected, and 28% couldn’t care less.
  • We ? Immigrants: Only 27% want illegal immigrants deported (or, presumably “self-deported,” as per Mitt Romney) and 64% want to put them on a path to legal citizenship. This includes 60% of non-Hispanic white voters and 44% of Republicans.
  • Republican? I don’t see any Republicans: The GOP’s agenda is so racist, sexist, immoral, and downright EMBARRASSING that voters report themselves as “more reluctant to identify themselves as Republicans after the party’s loss in November,” and that “Democratic identification is up an average of 4 points since the election and Republican identification is down by an average of 4 points.” This makes sense, considering that many older ‘Democrats’ see today’s ‘democrats’ as being more like moderate Republicans.

And here are some interesting articles about how even the pro-gun right has grown less enchanted with the NRA:

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