Dallas Girl Held At Gunpoint By 12-Year-Old Boy Demanding ‘Give Me Your Chocolates’ (VIDEO)

Screenshot from news video.

Screenshot from news video.

We’ve all seen the “Little Red Riding Hood” scenario played out in real life. We hear about mean children bullying other children for their lunch money and stealing or demanding their candy and other treats. In recent years, we’ve seen it intensify and result in crime. Well, guess what? We’ve reached a whole new level in kiddy crime. On Monday, a girl in Southeast Dallas, Texas was robbed at gunpoint by 12-year-old boys who wanted the candy she was selling for a band fundraiser.

Yesenia Ramirez, 13, was going door-to-door with a friend at the Southdale Apartment complex in Dallas selling candy to raise money for  Pearl C. Andersen Learning Center band students, who can’t afford to buy their own ticket to attend a Spring Break trip at Six Flags over Texas. At 5:30 p.m., still daylight in North Texas, the girls were ambushed by a group of, approximately, eight boys. One of the boys approached Ramirez from behind and locked her into a choke hold as he put a gun to her neck.  According to Ramirez, he said, “give me your chocolates” and told her the gun was real.

Southdale Apartments

Upon releasing Ramirez, the boy backpedaled and said he was joking when he said that the gun was real, but Ramirez remains unconvinced. She feels certain a real gun was indeed held to her neck.

“No. Because, he really choked me hard. I couldn’t breathe,” she said. (Source)

Ramirez recognized most of the boys as 7th grade classmates from her school.

The boys didn’t take money or candy, but they did snatch Ramirez’s cell phone. “Get the phone,” one of the boys said. He then grabbed Ramierez’s cellphone from her friend’s back pocket. Police reports indicate the phone was the only item taken. (Source)

Juan Carlos Ramirez, Yesenia’s father, reported the incident to the school and filed a police report. He believes that the boys targeted his daughter because they assumed she was carrying money.

“Because she has, all week, been selling candy,” he said via a translator. “They thought she had the money with her. And they wanted the money, especially from her.” He continued, “They [parents of at-risk youth] don’t show them what’s good and what’s wrong.” (Source)

The Dallas Independent School District (DISD) reported that because the crime occurred off-campus, the Dallas Police Department is handing it. It is being investigated as a robbery. Because the case involves juveniles, no names have been released. Ramirez returned to school on Tuesday.

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